Is Climate Change Real?
July 1, 2013

Is Climate Change Real?

Ok, before starting today’s blog, let me make a point to you from my personal standpoint. Do I believe in Climate Change? Yes and No. Here is how I believe in it. Is the climate changing? Yes, it is. But, the funny thing is that the climate is always changing. Just back in the 1970’s newspapers and news stations were running articles on “Global Cooling” and the end of the world. Hmm…. Now, in the 2010’s, the same news stations, the same newspapers are running a new thing called “Global Warming.” Oh wait, never mind! They changed that name for the lack of wording; they now use what I would refer to as a politically correct term called “Climate Change.” I agree with that term, but that brings up another problem. This is why I don’t agree with them. They want to blame it on Human CO2 and that is bull. Here is a piece of info to keep in mind Remember, this in the 1970’s the earth was cooling; but don’t forget CO2 from humans was on the rise. So, why would the earth’s temps be dropping in the 1970’s, but the HUMAN MADE CO2 still rising? They told me that HUMAN MADE CO2 makes the earth continue to warm, but why did it not do that? Here is another one for you. The Weather Channel released an article talking about Climate Impacts and named 10 states where the summers were getting cooler and the winters were cooler, as well. That doesn’t make sense because the human CO2 was still rising during that time. So, does human CO2 really impact the climate? To this date. I will say no and stick to my answer with proven facts in front of us all.

Now, on to Climate Change and what it will mean for us. There are two periods in a climate cycle; this would be another term to describe climate change. The climate cycle goes through a warming period, like what we are seeing now and also a cooling period, like we will be seeing soon. These cycles are driven by many things from the solar cycle, to the ENSO phasing and also the ocean circulations. All of these are driving factors in our climate and each has a certain impact on our climate. Also, when talking about climate, it’s important to understand that it takes at least 30years to complete one entire climate cycle. This means that in 30 years of time a place will see cold weather and warm weather, because climate is an average of those 30 years of data; you need to have warm and cold numbers to get an average. Those averages are also derived from the sun, which has cycles that it runs, as well. They are usually 11 years from the max to the min, so that supports colder periods and warmer periods. Then there is ENSO. This is the Pacific Ocean effect of the warming and cooling of the waters; this also has an impact on our climate These events take place on average every 3-7 years. So, with all of those factors working into it, this is why we have a dynamic climate and will always have a climate that warms and a climate that cools, not you driving down the road in your gas guzzler.

Now let’s look at the jet stream and the impact it has on our climate. During a warming phase of the climate, the jet stream tends to have more of a meander to it, meaning that it will run north and south a lot more. This leads to blocking high pressures and cut off low pressures. Guess what? The blocking high pressures will create warm weather for places, while the cut off lows will create colder weather and also flooding rains. Hmm, there is how those two extremes get covered. Just remember this, there will always be cold and warm on the earth. Because of this, we will always have a jet stream that drives our weather patterns. So, let’s look at an example of this. This past winter, the northern Plains and parts of the southeast were getting hit hard with cold weather, while parts of the west were above average. This is your temperature separation; in other words, the jet stream was dividing these two places creating the warm weather and the cold weather. Now, what happens during the warming cycle is that the jet stream is more likely to have these north south orientations to it, creating these types of extreme events. So, as Sir Isaac Newton states in his law of science “Every action will have an opposite re-action,” meaning that for every warm place there will always be a cold place.

As this jet stream continues to push northward in the Northern Hemisphere, it will force the warmer waters to go northward, allowing for the glacier melting to take place. As the glaciers melt, this COLD water gets dumped into the ocean. Cold water sinks and pushes under warmer water just because it’s more dense than warm water. So, this cold water from the melting glaciers will sink and expand outwards, pushing southward into the ocean. Now, this will start to reverse the warm waters and slowly start to cool them. As this happens, we could see the Gulf Stream, the warm current along the East Coast of the US, start to slow down and turn colder. This has happened before. How did Baltimore in the 1970’s get ice in the harbor? Ah, there is your answer. This is the ocean cycle that will continue forever and will also be a climate impact maker for time to come.

So, the next time someone asks you what is going on with the climate, this is the truth from a meteorological standpoint. This means that each of these things are textbook items that take place, that these scientists should know this because they have taken these courses before to get those PHD’s.For them to be blaming Human CO2 as the culprit, then I guess we should have never invested in the Oil Fields in the Middle East. This is how they are trying to get out of those investments, by blaming Human made CO2 so that the public will believe them because they are the government.

So, now is the time to prepare yourself for the remainder of this warm cycle of the climate. It may only be a few more years and then we will be on a Solar Cycle fall to the cold cycle of our climate; or it may be longer with more large hot water hurricanes smashing ashore. The most important thing is to remember is that it will change again back to the cold cycle, even if you drive your cars and the power plants continue to provide energy and pollute the atmosphere. However, passing legislation on CO2 emissions is a very good idea, because I would rather breathe clean air than dirty air. But as for the climate, don’t worry. It will change again. Who knows, maybe next time we will be looking at glaciers in the Glacier Lakes region of the north again. That would be cool.

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