Is Facebook Shutting Down?
February 13, 2013

Is Facebook Shutting Down?

Is Facebook shutting down? The short answer is no. Why in the world would anyone believe that the world’s largest social media site would be closing its doors and shutting down service? It seems self-evident that a story of this magnitude would be all over every major news outlet and would be receiving national attention. It’s also reasonable to assume that the announcement would be sent out to all Facebook users on their message boards. It seems logical and reasonable, but unfortunately we live in a world of un-reasonable and easily fooled people.

The “is Facebook shutting down” posts are just another in a long line of hoaxes that the social media site seems to attract. This particular hoax seems to be traceable to a fake news website that specializes in satire and enjoys watching the less intelligent amongst us scramble and freak out over their fake news. The website responsible is Weekly World News. They ran a story about Facebook shutting down. In the story it is claimed that Facebook is shutting down due to founder Mark Zuckerberg not being able to handle the stress of running the extremely popular website. According to hoax busting website, “the original version of the hoax listed a supposed closure date of March 15, 2011. But with that date well and truly in the past, the hoax was “updated” and then proclaimed that the shutdown would take place on March 15, 2012. Now that the March deadline has also passed, yet another version has surfaced which claims that the shutdown will take place on July 15 2012. New versions, with new – and equally spurious – shutdown dates are likely to continue appearing in coming months.”

The hoax is also related to the supposed letter that has made its rounds around Facebook which claims that user’s accounts are going to be deleted if they don’t forward the message to fifteen other users. Supposedly this action of forwarding the message “proves” that you are an active member and will prevent your deletion. provides an example of this message. The Facebook shutting down hoax is fairly recent, but is by no means an isolated occurrence on the social media giant’s site. As a general rule, it is wise to check such messages by Googling them and by using fact check websites such as Snopes and Hoax-slayer.

While most of these hoaxes are simply harmless lies, some con artists and identity thieves utilize them for phishing scams and as a way to steal personal identity information. Always make sure to never give out login information to anyone. Reputable businesses and companies such as Facebook will never require your login info and password information in order to allow you to “keep” your account. Just utilize your common sense and keep a wary eye out for hoaxes and phishing scams and you can remain safe in your internet dealings. So is Facebook shutting down? Yeah, I think you know the answer to that one.

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