February 1, 2013

Is That An iCade Controller In Your Pocket?

You’ve had a long-standing relationship with your iPhone, iPad or Android powered device as a very capable time waster and gaming machine. It’s all yours and you give it all of your undivided attention and affection. It’s around that time my friend. It’s time for you to take this relationship to the next level. This is the time you make it official and let the world know this thing you have is for real.

It’s time you get physical.

Throughout your gaming escapades, you have made all sorts of fingerprints all over the face of your respective device and there’s plenty more play time ahead in the future. So, with this in mind, how would you go about fixing your fingerprinted phone screen problem?

I bring to you the iCade 8-bitty!

This itty bitty gadget is a game controller that connects wirelessly to your smart device (via Bluetooth, of course). At first glance, the controller resembles that of an old school Nintendo controller. One difference you might notice right off hand is this controller has four buttons on the right side, instead of two (because we live in the future of course). The device is powered by two (count em’) AAA batteries, although battery life was not specified on the product description, so watch for that (hey, I’m looking out for you).

If you are a constant mobile gamer, this thing should be heaven sent for you. No more having to fog up your precious little screen in order to button-mash your way to the ultimate high score. The portability of this one, two combo makes this a must have among traveling time wasters. Don’t get offended. I make moves around my own town and still find the time to play games on my phone like it was a Gameboy.

But maybe you’re not an avid gamer on the cellular platform and you don’t have a game craving that needs to be taken care of. Perhaps you’re in the professional suit-and-tie world and your kids are the ones fogging up your screens and filling up your coveted left over memory with the likes of Pac-man, Angry Birds and Doodle Jumper. Well look at it this way, now you won’t have to be embarrassed at those important presentations where you would have to take the time to explain to your peers that you have little ones and they play this or that while frantically wiping off your screen.  Here’s your chance to keep it professional. And when you pull into the driveway, to your children who want to play Spongebob’s next adventure, that’s when it’s time to break out the controllers.

I’m just trying to save one human being at a time here. Whether you play religiously or you have little ones or whatever the case may be, if you’re smart device has turned into a gaming machine, then you might want to consider this little piece of tech for just $29.99 (USD).

If you are interested, you can check them out here.

Image Credit: ThinkGeek

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