Is The 84 MPG Elio The Car Of The Future?
August 21, 2013

Is The 84 MPG Elio The Car Of The Future?

Fuel mileage on new vehicles improves yearly. Many years ago, 20-25 mpg was impressive. In recent, years car manufacturers began producing 30-40 mpg vehicles. Today, cars are reaching over 40 mpg and hybrids could reach as much as 50 or more.

Hold on to your seat! A new vehicle is coming in 2014 from a newly formed car company, Elio Motors. The car will arrive in mid-2014 and will get an estimated 84 mpg highway and 49 city. You heard me right, 84 mpg. It only has an eight-gallon tank, but with the ultra impressive mpg, you can get up to an average of 672 miles on a tank of fuel.

The futuristic looking Elio will be built in America at a former GM plant near Shreveport, Louisiana. The plant was purchased by the new Elio Motors and will be hiring a workforce of 1,500 employees by late 2015.

This three-wheeler has power windows, air conditioning, two seats, and three airbags. It has been noted by Elio Motors to possibly get a five-star rating in future crash tests. Elio will also offer a three year, 36,000 mile warranty.

It only has a three-cylinder engine, but it is fuel injected and liquid cooled. The available transmissions are either a five-speed manual or a five-speed automatic. Now you’re thinking, this vehicle must lack in performance, given the engine size and hp.

The Elio has an in-line, one-liter, 70 hp front engine and is front wheel drive. It is a three-wheel vehicle with an anti-locking disc brake system and will have 15-inch wheels.

It is no muscle car by any means, but it does have good performance. Zero-sixty is under 9.6 seconds, and it will reach a top speed of over 100 mph.

The Elio has a coil-over-spring independent suspension, front and rear. Ground clearance is 5.75 inches, which is close to what the average passenger vehicle is. The interior has room enough for 95 percent of all people. The tallest person that sat in the Elio was six foot eight, the largest was a six foot three, 325-pound man, and the smallest was a five-foot tall woman. They all said they loved it. And yes, it has an am/fm radio.

It has sound deadening composite body panels to keep out exterior noise. The rear seat folds down to give extra room in the moderately sized trunk.

With the high cost of fuel these days, and high mileage, hybrid vehicles costing upwards of $25,000 or more, the new Elio’s base price will only run you a mere $6,800. The fuel savings and purchase price of the Elio is a relief to your wallet for sure.

Image Credit: Elio Motors

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