Is the Sun taking a nap?
September 23, 2013

Is The Sun Taking A Nap?

Rumors are starting to hit the street that our most precious and fluid star, the Sun, is headed towards a cat nap. This is unique at this time, with only two active sunspots during which the Sun should be at its most active state, as we are currently just leaving the solar maximum. That means we should be seeing a lot more activity than we are.

So, this brings me to the question, are we starting a longer colder period on Earth, could we actually be seeing the Sun begin its start towards the solar minimum? Instead of a gradual fall to the solar min, could we be looking at a faster paced decline towards the min? There are a few things currently taking place on the Earth as we speak that could lead one to believe that may be the case.

The first, the North Pole this year was not as warm as it usually is and spent more time below freezing than normal this summer; this lead to an increase in ice coverage over the polar region. This is one indication that maybe we are beginning to see the transition take place now. Another interesting thing to look at is this year’s hurricanes over the Atlantic Ocean. They were very well tame through the month of August. Now, as we entered September, we see a slight increase in storms. However, could this be another sign warning us that we are headed into the colder phase of our climate now and the Sun is dictating the pace at which we head into this colder longer spell?

Another thing that could be taking place is that we are just observing a lull in solar activity right now. Within a couple of weeks, the action could heat back up and we could have solar storms, solar flares inbound to the Earth again. Only time will tell which way we are headed and the Sun will have the final say on the outcome.

The reason that I, as a meteorologist, concern myself with the Sun’s activity is that I am a firm believer in that the Sun has way more impact on our global climate than its given credit for. Just look at the Earth’s temperatures. It has been noted by the IPCC, that we are actual in almost a pause in the Earth’s temperature rise. Once again, this is something that I have been stating for a while: that we need to pay attention to the Sun as it controls our climate, not you driving a car down the road or the power plant down the street sending fumes in the sky. These were all nice eye catchers in the 2000’s when the Earth was warming, but now that the Earth is cooling more scientists are beginning to realize that they might want to hit reverse on that process. Like I stated before, and I do in every article that I share with you, we need to watch the Sun. I don’t mean go out and stare at the Sun, but be observant of the news about the Sun. Visit and see what the Sun is up to! You can actually see the latest observations of sunspots as well.

So, if you ask me, I believe the signs are pointing to a pretty significant cool down headed to the Earth over the next few years. The Sun is throwing out indicators now and things are appearing on the Earth that support them.

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