January 18, 2013

Is This The End Of The Line For Netflix?

Is this the end of the line for Netflix? I mean, one could just take a look to the left, right and left again to see that there is fierce competition on the rise that looks to have more to offer.

Granted, Netflix has been in its own lane for quite a while now… not to mention the competition hasn’t been too, umm, competitive. This year things look to change though. With Sony and Intel throwing their hats into the ring, things can get a little dicey. The major benefit that these services from Intel and Sony bring to the table is the promise of brand new content. This content will be from all of your favorite shows or channels and will be available at the same time it broadcasts on cable television.

That very thought just screams bad news for Netflix. While these new services and features will be giving you the latest and greatest, Netflix will still be offering you the scraps of the past season of one of the shows that is on your “maybe list”. Netflix hasn’t had a great reputation for the latest and greatest, rather they do have the knack to offer the consumer the best show, but only after the season has completed.

Admittedly, I have love for Netflix. I wake up every morning and brush my teeth to it and then after that I end up racing through my queue and bask in the glory of all the old cartoons from my childhood (don’t judge me). I’m sure many people do the same thing. Okay maybe not the whole 90’s cartoon thing but maybe their favorite sitcoms from yester-year. Maybe Members out there select one of their favorite films from the past and have a nostalgia party with that as well. Who knows?

That’s where the line ends. After the nostalgia of past TV shows or movies rubs off what else do you have?

Not much, if you were wondering.

The most recent offerings they have are the aforementioned previous seasons of great shows or blockbusters from a few summers ago. This pattern doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon.

But what have they done to combat this?

The answer is exclusive and original programming. This is a good, if not great solution, considering their options. The only down side is that there isn’t an abundance of these programs, but I’m sure that will change in due time. They could offer sci-fi shows, maybe a western epic or even original programming for the kiddies because everyone knows parents have to find one way to pacify the kids.

Hell, they could even create a soap opera that could grow to be your biggest guilty pleasure.

That’s just my opinion on how the service can continue to stay relevant.

Another thing Netflix has done to stand out was inking a deal with the House of Mouse. That’s right: Disney. In this deal with Disney, Netflix will have the rights to stream classic Disney films, more of the Marvel catalogue and even films from the Pixar vault. This can be huge on Netflix’s end, since of course that portfolio of amazing studios will bump up consumer presence, but just think of the possibilities they now have since Disney has acquired the Lucasfilm programs as well.

If Star Wars and Indiana Jones can’t save Netflix, then they must be in a real pickle.

Netflix looks to have some pretty rough competition on the horizon in the coming year. Bigger, better and faster; the competition is offering some pretty bold new features like all new content the day of premiere while Netflix is still offering blasts from the past. Will they be able to keep up or will they turn into a thing everyone forgot about like Friendster (remember that)?

But maybe that’s the glory of Netflix; offering you the best programs that you already know and love for a great low price.

I believe that they have taken a step in the right direction with the original programming but only time will tell if they survive the oncoming bloodbath of companies fighting for your hard earned dollars.

Good luck Netflix, the sharks have now entered the water.

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