Is Watch_Dogs The Messiah Of Gaming?
April 3, 2013

Is Watch_Dogs The Messiah Of Gaming?

It’s pretty obvious that the videogame industry as a whole is in a pretty redundant slump as of recently. We have new games hitting store shelves, like God of War: Ascension and Gears of War: Judgment, but these are already well-established franchises that have been beaten halfway to death. I’m not taking away from their success; it has been a long while since we, as gamers, have been excited for something. Especially if we never saw it coming.

This is why Watch_Dogs has sparked such hoopla among the gaming community. Imagine a game that everyone is excited about and no matter what flag you fly, the game will be available for that gaming console. From the PS3 to the Xbox 360, and even from the Wii U to your biggest gaming rigged PC, Watch_Dogs has gained the attention of everyone and will be spreading the love to each and every one of you guys.

Also, this game will be available for the PS4 and most likely the next incarnation of the Xbox family.

With all of this buzz surrounding one game, this leads to another eyebrow raising question; could Watch_Dogs be the messiah of the gaming industry?

Let’s be quite frank, it’s been a long while since any game had the amount of buzz that Watch_Dogs has managed to obtain. Video game websites have been putting this little gem under a spotlight that has no signs of changing targets. Industry execs have already realized the power and clout that the upcoming project possesses. When Sony revealed (or pseudo revealed) the PS4, they made sure that they showed off the highly anticipated game. Hours after that, Nintendo announced that the game would be available for their Wii U home console.

It is evident that this game is a hot ticket item that everyone wants their hands on. But what has caused this mass hysteria? Most games of today have great graphical capabilities and the light coming from the next generation is blinding, but all games nowadays are pretty, so what else can it be?

One guess is the overall premise. To keep it brief, the premise is this: you are a journalist that has control of everything because, thanks to your God-like hacking skills, you can do things like setup police barricades on the street, make subway trains and city network systems subject to your will and, of course, get access to anyone’s bank accounts, social network accounts or personal information at will.

This means you simply control everything, but this brings up an interesting crossroads. With such power, what will you do in a metropolis city? Will you hack everyone and get rich? Will you blast away at cops and hack their own police system to your benefit? Or will you use such power to help others who are unfortunate?

That simple premise could be why the game has caught on fire, but I think it is something entirely different.

The reason I think that a game that doesn’t focus on multiplayer competitive matches has gained a large following is because, for whatever mythical reasons, this game has made Xbox players able to eat at the same table with PlayStation gamers and Nintendo gamers laugh with the PC gamers.

This game has unleashed the shackles of judgment, jealousy and gamer racism (yeah, I guess we’ll call it that) and although these players are playing across different platforms, they are all enjoying one experience and now everyone is part of the conversation.

Image Credit: Ubisoft

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