January 6, 2013

Island of Dolls; Chucky, You’re Not So Scary

Just about everyone who likes scary movies has either seen or heard of “Child’s Play” staring that demonic doll Chucky.  It was about a doll that was possessed and terrorized the woman who bought it. “Child’s Play Two” and “Bride of Chucky” also starred this evil doll. But, you know Hollywood, they were just movies trying to give us a scare. Now if by some chance a doll would really become possessed, then you’re talking scary.

Well, let’s get to the point. Down in Mexico there is a tourist attraction “La Isla de la Munecas,” Spanish for Island of Dolls. It is a swamp south of Mexico City, and considered one of the creepiest places in Mexico. There are thousands of old weather beaten dolls hanging from the branches of every tree in the area.

The man that hung them there was Don Julian Santana, who lived secluded on this island as a hermit for fifty years, even though he was married. One day a young girl was visiting the island and tragically drowned causing more insanity in Julian. On the aftermath of this little girls death, Julian began to fish dolls from the water believing they were real children and hung them in the trees as a tribute to the young girl. Dolls were not only in the tress but also around the house inside and out. He would also collect discarded dolls when he went into town, and people would bring him dolls to trade for vegetables from his garden. Ironically Don Julian Santana’s body was found by his nephew in the same area of the river the girl drowned in. The nephew stated “I heard voices beckoning me from the river.”

Each doll is believed to be connected with the girl. If you visit this spooky island you should bring candles, candy, and even more dolls as offerings to calm the spirit of this little girl. Witnesses have claimed to see the dolls move, eyes open and close, speak, and even call out to the visitors. People say it feels like they are being watched as they walk around. It is also claimed that Don Julian Santana still inhabits the island. Numerous sightings of orbs, hearing loud noises, and other paranormal activity abound on this creepy island.

Today people still bring dolls to hang in the trees and place inside the house as a tribute to the little girl, and it is said that the dolls will please her restless spirit.

Destination truth investigated this island on season three. I actually had watched this episode, and while inside a building full of the dolls one of the investigators heard something being dragged across the roof. Later in the investigation in that same building one of the dolls opened its’ eye which totally freaked out the investigators. After viewing the findings with the help of a couple of ghost hunters from TAPS, an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) was discovered saying leave. Their conclusion was that the island has paranormal activity and most likely is haunted.

Check your closets, attics, and basements for old discarded dolls, and maybe you could have your own “La Isla de la Munecas,”

Join me next time for another account in the world of Supernatural Endeavors.


Image Credit: Lukiyanova Natalia / frenta / Shutterstock

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