It’s International Bacon Day And Ford Celebrates In A Unique Way
August 31, 2013

It’s International Bacon Day And Ford Celebrates In A Unique Way

In the 1980s and 1990s, the bacon movement began with social gatherings and events relating to bacon starting to pop up all over the country. Since 2000, the Saturday before Labor Day is marked as the “official” International Bacon Day in the United States. It was first thought of in Bedford, Massachusetts by the residents of the Crag. All over the country celebrations are taking place, where people participate in social activities, as well as prepare and consume bacon related dishes.

Typically, bacon is thought of as a breakfast, but on national bacon day, lunch, dinner, desserts, and even drinks are created with a bacon theme. Traditional foods with bacon include the good old BLT, bacon and eggs, salads, and many others.

Bacon mania has spawned some strange and innovative bacon-themed creations. including bacon bubble gum, bacon band-aids, bacon air fresheners, bacon salt, maple bacon doughnuts, baconnaise ( bacon-flavored mayonnaise), and bacon ice cream.

Organizations are also using bacon as their main topic, like Bacon of the month clubs, recipe contests, and blogs. But on the day that marks the official Bacon day, there are many ways to celebrate.

Here is Bacon Today’s top ten ways to celebrate International Bacon Day.

10. Cure Your Own Bacon

9. Eat Bacon With Every Meal

8. Join a Bacon of the Month Club

7. Introduce a vegetarian to vegetarian “bacon” products

6. Make Bacon-Infused Bourbon

5. Cook a Recipe from “Bacon Nation”

4. Make a Bacon Dessert

3. Throw a Bacon Tasting Party

2. Create Your Own Bacon Recipe

1. Attend the Bacon Festival in San Diego.

On the west coast in the San Diego, California area, they celebrate with the Hormel Black Label Bacon Fest. And on the east coast in Roanoke, Virginia, Bacon Fest VA.

With all the hype on bacon day, the Ford Motor Company has joined in with a tribute of their own: a 2014 Ford Fiesta wrapped in bacon. Not actual bacon, but the paint scheme is ten strips of bacon over the entire body of the vehicle.

Image Credit: Ford Motor Company / Ford Custom Graphics

Image Credit: Ford Motor Company / Ford Custom Graphics

The paint scheme is not only a one-time deal, but it can be purchased as an option on the Fiesta. Other bacon options include “bacon on the side”, which are two strips of bacon that wrap over the rear wheels and “bacon racing stripes”, two strips of bacon appearing as racing stripes.

Also, Ford is offering custom exterior vinyl graphics designed specifically for the 2014 Fiesta. They are produced by Ford Custom Graphics in co-operation with 3M Original Wraps and can be purchased from

CEO of Benton’s Country Hams, Allan Benton said, “in the 40 years I’ve been in this business, I’ve never seen so much interest in bacon. It’s being used in bourbon, chocolate, ground beef, caramel corn and whatever else you can think of. This car just makes so much sense.”

He added, “you can only imagine that a hillbilly from Tennessee is pretty happy to hear about a Ford wrapped in bacon. I expect there will be some real excitement among the young city crowd.”

Liz Elser, Ford Fiesta marketing manager said, “it’s no secret that bacon inspires a lot of passion, and that’s what the Fiesta celebrates. Our customers have a hunger for self-expression. Plus, it’s just awesome to drive down the road in a piece of bacon.”

Featured Image Credit: memphisslim / Shutterstock

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