iWaku Watches You As You Sleep
July 16, 2013

iWaku Watches You As You Sleep

Ever wish there was a source of light to wake you up gradually every morning? Hate the sun? Have tons of extra cash to spend on anything? Danish company iWaku has got just the glowing spherical device for you! The bright white flying saucer is said to softy and gently increase the light available in the room to gradually wake you from your slumber. What’s more, it also pairs with your iPhone via Bluetooth to watch you as you sleep and wake you up while you’re in the lightest point of your sleep cycle. Like any other alarm app or device, iWaku also allows you to choose your own music for your wake up call. And, like far too many third party devices (in this writer’s opinion) the iWaku operates under “lowercase “i” precedes another word” naming convention. Don’t want to use the iWaku as an alarm? You can also use it to help stave off those dark winter blues (also known as SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder) by shining a bright light into a gloomy room. When it ships later this year, the iWaku team expects the thing to retail for 229.00 Euros, or about $300.

Judging from the website, the iWaku looks like a great Apple companion. It’s clean, pure white and perfectly round. It can rest flat on its back next to your bed or stand upright in its cradle and connect to your iPhone with ease. Yet, when it’s all broken down, this thing is a $300 nightlight and alarm clock.

A $300 alarm clock or nightstand radio isn’t completely unheard of. The majority of the population may find this cost a little too extravagant for something like a clock radio, especially if it will be infrequently used. Yet there are those who will and have paid this kind of money for something they believe to be a quality product.

What does seem extravagant, however, is a product which produces light and can do so on a timer. LED lights are able to do some pretty amazing things, the least of which is give users some fine grained control over how much light is produced and when. But $300 for a beautiful designed night-light? Come on.

There are those out there, I’m sure, who will have no issue paying for the iWaku. They’ll probably even be excited to see the UPS driver pull up on delivery day. It’s true there are those who nerd out on sleep cycles and become generally irate at the very thought of fluorescent light. Other standalone devices can be paired with iOS devices to more or less “watch” you as you sleep to determine when you’re in your most heavy stage of sleep. It’s generally understood that this is not the point in which you should be woken up, lest you become a grumpy bear for the remainder of the day.

But here again is the issue of cost. There are apps for the iPhone that cost less than $5 and can also measure your sleep using the accelerometer and wake you within a certain time window when your body is most ready to be awakened.

They’re pretty easy to set up, too; just put the phone under your sheets on lying on top of your bed, set a time, and you’re off to snooze land. Though in my experience, few alarm apps work with as much consistency as the built-in Clock app. Sure, it screws up every New Year or so, but for 364 days of the year, that thing just works.

So, for those who geek out on data, like electronics devices which watch them as they slumber and have plenty of money, the iWaku is probably a great device.

For everyone else, there’s the old fashioned sun and a Sears and Roebuck Clock Radio.

Image Credit: iwaku

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