February 1, 2013

J.J. Abrams: Taking Us To A Galaxy Far, Far Away…


The internet has been abuzz for months now after George Lucas sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney. I’ve finally managed to put aside my anger towards Lucas so that I might be able to look at the brighter picture: The beloved Star Wars franchise that I fell in love with as a kid will find revival before I turn 24.

This is a very pleasing thing, but my worries have been towards what director would be taking the reins. Finally, we’ve learned that J.J. Abrams, director behind Star Trek and Super 8, will be holding the reins for Star Wars VII.

I loved Super 8, although I was up in the air about the fusion of child actors and very aggressive language. It wasn’t that I hated kids, it’s just that I wasn’t sure if I was watching a kids movie made for adults or if I was watching an adult movie that you can watch with your kids. Either way, Abrams proved himself as a very talented director.

But the real question is on whether he can handle the intellect and vision that it took to film and produce the Star Wars films. Most notably, Abrams directed Star Trek, and both series’ are very different universes, both to write and direct.

Star Trek actually utilizes the wonders of science fiction in its stories and plot twists, whereas Star Wars is closer to 70’s-style hippie mysticism mixed with the world’s most wanted scientific endeavors. It’s a lovely mix of elements, but it might not be what Abrams is suitable for.

He’s also not my first choice for directors to put out Star Wars. Last year when I discovered Netflix, ‘Lost’ was one of my favorite shows to watch. It had been years since the final episode, and I had dozens of them to watch, back-to-back.

The beginning seasons are just perfect; So much suspense, and yet so much action going on when my mind just craves to be told the truth. I saw some of the most suspenseful plot twists and the strangest elements of story lines – abandoned beaches, forests, planes, and finally stranded people – swirl together in a perfectly coherent and concise story narrative.

Not only this, but the character development was beyond the best thing I’ve ever seen. What was interesting was every person on that series, regardless of whether they died early or not, had a back story to explain their predicament. ‘Lost’ was rooted heavily in suspense, and drew from that suspense a very impressive level of mysticism and superstitious ideas.

It brought out the magic of the island actually being a living thing and took the characters all around the world, where in the beginning I had assumed that the world was much smaller. That show controlled my mind.

What sucked so badly about that show were the final seasons, and how it completely slaughtered the entire cast. Not only this, but the story went somewhere that still contained a really good level of mysticism that, ultimately, I hated.

I walked away from that show with a bitter taste in my mouth.

I later found J.J. Abrams was one of the lead writers behind ‘Lost.’ This is impressive, but I will always remember how terribly the plot turned out to be. Obviously, he wasn’t the only writer behind the series, but if this guy is directing various TV pilots and hired by Disney to direct the next Star Wars, shouldn’t we all be vigilant and critical?

You only get one childhood, people. I’d rather not see a guy assault mine again.

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