Steve Jobs yacht Venus
October 30, 2012

Jobs Apple Store Yacht Built With Leftover iPad Mini Material

This weekend, an Apple news site called “One More Thing” released pictures of “Venus,” the Yacht that Steve Jobs built.

Or, rather, the yacht that Steve Jobs commissioned and spent some 5 years nitpicking every design choice until he got it just like he liked it.

Venus is mentioned several times in his biography written by Walter Issacson, though the name of the yacht is never given.

“I know that it’s possible that I will die and leave [wife] Laurene with a half-built boat. But I have to keep going on it. If I don’t it’s an admission that I’m about to die,” said Jobs in the biography.

Issacson even tells the tale of the first time Jobs showed him the plans for Venus, mentioning that Jobs had even asked the chief engineer of the Apple Stores to lend a hand in designing a kind of glass which could be used as structural support.

Tales of the yacht popped up again this spring in as the designer of the massive boat, Phillipe Stark, mouthed off to a French radio station and French newspaper that he was working on “revolutionary” new product for Apple. Stark just so happened to drop this little admission during peak season for those Apple television rumors which have since died down to a whimper. Apple later said that Stark was only working on the boat, nothing more.

So, how does this thing look?

Based on the description given at One More Thing, the Jobs yacht looks exactly like you’d expect. It maintains all of the usual design aesthetics found in Apple products, clean lines, minimalistic designs and plenty of aluminum, glass and wood. In a bit of perfect kismet, the all aluminum exterior makes this 80 meter-long (or 262.5 feet, for those of you who can’t stand to read metric) ship lighter than other ships in its class.

The deck is composed of teak wood, and the accompanying video shows large sliding glass doors which lead to the cockpit. Inside, Venus is stocked with 7 27-inch iMacs. (No word on if these are the new, 5 mm thin iMacs Apple announced last Tuesday. You’d think the Jobs family could probably get a deal on them…)

One More Thing also mentions that the Jobs family was on hand for the unveiling of Steve’s massive boat and even offered engraved iPod Shuffles to the crew who helped build the ship for their “hard work and craftsmanship.”

Seeing the Steve Jobs boat not long after the 1 year anniversary of his death is a somber event. At this point, it looks more like a giant, floating monument rather than an actual, functioning yacht.

Boating culture is its own thing, and I don’t claim to know anything about the importance of having the biggest yacht in the marina. However, I have to wonder what Jobs had planned for this yacht. After all, this is the man who once lived in a house devoid of any furnishings, decked instead with a lamp and a HiFi. A yacht seems a rather ornate choice for a man who seemed to eschew excess.

No matter, the yacht lives now, and if it weren’t for his untimely death, I can’t help but think this story would be earning very different headlines today, something along the lines of “This is how Steve Jobs spends your iPhone money.”

Image Credit: One More Thing

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