Kevin Smith: No Kickstarter For Clerks 3
May 19, 2013

Kevin Smith: No Kickstarter For Clerks 3

The Clerks 2 director has offered some direct insight into one of the internet’s most popular community funding sites, Kickstarter. For independent filmmakers and game developers, Kickstarter has been the soggy dream come true for a majority of artists and newcomers to their respective art mediums. Unfortunately, Kevin Smith has vowed to stay away from Kickstarter to fund his recently finished Clerks 3 script.

Kevin Smith has defined the term ‘Independent Filmmaker’ since he made a splash on the indie scene with Clerks back in 1994. The film became an inspiring piece of cinematic art for thousands of generations and individuals striving for that piece of the limelight as a renowned filmmaker. Of course, this was back in the mid-nineties, when the more typical traits of indie films-grayscale film, independent actors and, of course, controversial dialogue-shined in all their pretentious glory.

Kevin Smith is now much older and a lot richer on account of his filmmaking success and has come out with quite the bit statement on the budget of his third Clerks film. Smith has stated that he intends to make the film entirely funded from his own budget, as opposed to releasing the Kickstarter goal and making at least triple the goal in mere days.

To Smith, the time of Kickstarter and community funded projects is a dream, but its an aspect for artists of the now generation. The individuals and struggling artists that haven’t spent 12 hour days on a set, or the makeup artists arching their arms around for seven hours trying to get the eyebrows painted just right; these are all people who could truly benefit from Kickstarter.

Smith is old now (technically not, he’s only 42) in his own way, and believes that his generation of artist would simply misuse an important opportunity for another striving filmmaker much younger than he. In other words, he’s going to do the right thing and dish out his own money for his work. In essence, this is what makes an indie film financially stressful.

Tarentino began his career as an indie filmmaker, writing scripts and, of course, seaming wounds with financial backers to get his earlier works out. The difficulty of this task was called into name when he realized that hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to be raised to even get the ball rolling. Money that a nobody like him at the time simply didn’t have. If Tarentino had the likes of Kickstarter when he was my age, he wouldn’t have had any hardships. That’s the point.

Today’s starving artists and dreamers are plagued by high college tuition costs and recessional periods of pricey products in general areas around America. As redOrbit’s own Carter Lee puts it, “I’d rather take all my friends with me to the top, that way they wouldn’t have to suffer the things that I suffered. They wouldn’t have to worry about poverty, self-confidence, or whether or not they’d be successful”. We’re progressing into an era for indie artists that are seeing the hardships of money and financial backing solved in mere weeks, as opposed to tears and years of begging.

Well said, Kevin Smith! Can’t wait to see Clerks 3!

Image Credit: Weinstein Company / View Askew Productions

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