Killer Instinct Announced
June 15, 2013

Killer Instinct Announced

It’s been a long time coming for the old school fighting series Killer Instinct, but after two complete generations of gaming, the 90’s fighter has made a huge return.

Along with all the hustle and bustle going on at E3, one of the biggest announcements to come from the Microsoft side of things was the fact that the fighting franchise will return to the forefront of the console fight and will be assisting the Xbox One on launch day to battle the PS4 for holiday dominance.

As an Xbox One skeptic, I must say you did good Microsoft; you did damn good, guys.

Let us start with the aesthetics of the beat’em up. The game is just flat out gorgeous with fully rendered fan favorites that have aged gracefully (maybe a little too gracefully). Instead of the new character models, the special effects and dynamic lighting are what really sets this game off as a visual treat for the eyes.

For instance, when one of the human characters named Jago fires off some crazy anime style fireball at his opponent, the impact caused a reaction of a thousand sparks to fly in every direction and the two still kept duking it out with even more crazy moves flying here and there. All of these unique actions happening at such an astounding rate and such rendering all-the-while never skipping a beat in frame rate, which in turned caused a frenzied reaction from the crowd gazing at the presentation.

Moving along, the game has followed the trend that has taken the beat’em up community by storm and have decided to go with the two dimensional orientation. Such memorable elements like the ultra-combo system and over-the-top announcer make a return for the sequel, as well. As far as the returning cast of characters go… things are a bit mum at the moment and things like roster count or the characters that will make up the roster haven’t been confirmed as of yet; but what has been confirmed is that Jago the Ninja, Sabrewulf and Glacius will be featured in the game upon release and more than likely be the playable characters in the E3 demo on the show floor.

Another interesting addition to this game is the integration of Twitch, which is a service/social network that lets one live stream just about anything to the entire web. In this case, a gamer can broadcast a bloody grudge match to everyone on the increasingly popular social network. Don’t worry; those on your Xbox Live friends list can get a piece of the action, as well. Those  in the lucky group of random gamers that make up your list of friends can receive self-edited game replays that are sent to the cloud for their viewing pleasure.

Now, while these features are not exclusive to Killer Instinct, it is nice to see the guys debut these Xbox One features on this particular title to show an in depth look at how the functions will work out for the gamers of the next generation.

All of this looks to make an amazing launch title for the Xbox One, but can this bring a head start to the console in this high stakes race for the next generation?

I guess we’ll have to wait until sometime in November to find out, but in the meantime check the video below for all of the goodness, Looks like a hell of a good time.

Image Credit: Microsoft / Rare

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