February 4, 2013

Laughing Till I Die: Bill Hader Is Next Baywatch Star

Set to portray David Hasslehoff in the upcoming Baywatch parody, Bill Hader is more than excited to get his feet wet in this juicy laugh riot. Baywatch ran from 1989-2001, a considerable length of time for any TV series. Especially when you consider how pathetically the show carried itself with its overuse of slow-motion camera reeling.

We all have distant and vague memories of Baywatch, even though we don’t have a particular idea why we watched it. Maybe it was because of the sexy women? Pamela Anderson was a bombshell in the 90’s (still is) and she was joined by an ensemble of gorgeous women who just so happened to life guard at the age of 35. No disrespect to life guards, but if you wear that much eye liner when you go to the beach, saving lives should be the last thing you try to make an attempt at.

Try to understand: Baywatch survived for as long as it did because the idea of beautiful people in a different setting was attractive to audiences. Why did we need to see David Hasselhoff’s unnecessarily bronzed skin in slow motion? Why did the producers of this show bother, for over a decade, with pointless plot twists and dramatic cut scenes? Why was the central preoccupation of these beautifully tanned people, who somehow always seemed to be running against a wind current, locked to life guarding?

It could have been security guard patrol, and I would have been so much more satisfied.

I believe it was because, at that time, the audience could actually watch a show like that without feeling dumber. Take me for example; I can’t watch Desperate Housewives without wanting someone to beat me over the head with a frying pan. I literally feel as if my brain cells have been fried.

The demographics of an audience change over time, but it’s striking to see how quickly Baywatch’s glory has shifted.

So you can imagine how surprised I was to hear about Bill Hader playing David Hasselhoff in a Baywatch parody, with filming slated to begin in April.

I’m excited.

No, really, I am.

You will remember Bill Hader from SNL, perhaps the most popular comedy TV series to be created in the past 40 or so years. In fact, I’ll just say it’s the best creation to come out of American society since the very first McDonald’s was constructed.

Hader isn’t a stranger to making parodies of American society. I last saw his work in Men in Black 3 as Andy Warhol (spoilers), an alien disguised as a human that can’t tell the difference between human women and men.

Bill Hader isn’t a stranger to art, and even better, he loves attacking existentialism. He certainly does rank in my Top 5 list of political humorists. (Now that’s a list I would love to write about!)

The best part about terrible things in popular media, anything from reality television to Yoga competitions, is how much fun we can make of it in sarcastic movies. That’s why living in the 21st century has become such a joyous and remarkable experience: Parodies.

Hopefully this parody will have us laughing our kidneys into eventual concussion, and in the mean time, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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