October 28, 2012

Lego Curiosity Rover In The Works

A campaign to try and raise support for a Lego Curiosity rover has reached its goal, and is now being submitted to the company for consideration.

Lego has become a bit of a viral hit over the past decade with both children and collectors, and the company has already had cooperation with NASA on a few projects.

The company also has a strong science fiction fan base with its Star Wars collection of Lego toys, so a Curiosity rover could nearly be an inevitable product.

Stephen Pakbaz attempted to garnish supporters on Lego Cuusoo, a site that lets people suggest what Lego should make next, in order to create the Mars Curiosity rover.

Over the summer, Pakbaz had 10,000 people join in support of his idea to take that NASA icon and make it a toy.

The concept developed by Pakbaz features a Lego lookalike Curiosity rover equipped with an articulating arm, a mast, and a suspension system to help the Rover scale hazards around on a bedroom floor.

The kit could even include Lego replicas of the equipment used in the Rover’s Descent Stage and the Sky Crane as well.

Pakbaz built prototypes of a Lego Curiosity and has donated them to museums, where he hopes they could be used as educational tools for children.

“To further my own effort of contributing to the outreach for the Mars Science Laboratory mission, I created seven LEGO Curiosity Kits (one for each successful Mars landing) that I have been donating to various museums and organizations to help out with their own educational programs,” he wrote on his Lego Cuusoo page.

Stephen is also more than a Lego enthusiast.  He actually worked in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which is the NASA branch that built the Curiosity rover.

The project is currently in the review stage and is awaiting a panel from Lego’s approval, which could approve or even tweak the design.

Image Credit: Stephen Pakbaz / Perijove / Lego Cuusoo

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