Lego to build a school?
June 27, 2013

Lego To Build A School?

Lego, yes, Lego (aka the brand that makes those little bricks that children love, but are hell on your feet when they leave them out) is going to make a grade school.

The details are incredibly scarce as of now, but from the looks of things the project is going to be an elementary school, or foreign equivalent, for young children. Located in Denmark, the institution built and founded by the popular toy company plans to make learning more fun, but that brings up a little bit of controversy. Every school out there has a new approach or some sort of gimmicky way to make learning more “fun”, so what is so different about Lego’s approach?

The folks at Lego who are heading the project say that they want to emphasize creativity and “playful engagement” to reach their academic goals. I’ll admit that a lot of modern day schools like to put their focus on to creativity, but since this is Lego we are talking about here, I will give them the benefit of the doubt since they make toys that allow children put their creativity on steroids (but I won’t be surprised if the folks at Play-Doh decide to fund a community college system after hearing this news).

As stated beforehand, the institution will be in Demark (which is Lego’s stomping ground)  and is set to open this August  to both local and foreign students who are lucky enough to have parents who dig the idea (and seriously, how cool would it be to tell your friends in middle school that you used to go the Lego school?). Officially, the school has been named the International School of Billund, which sounds a hell of a lot more professional than Lego Elementary.

For the time being the school is only open to children who are aged three to seven; the initiative is to make the school open up to students all the way to the age of 16 by the year 2015. So, what will students take away from the school other than a collection of toys so bad ass that other kids will be green with envy? The school boasts that it will have a traditional curriculum, but of course one can assume that there will be a crater of wiggle room for a ton of Lego based shenanigans.

Kids of today just don’t know how well they really do have it. Hell, if Hasbro or some other big name toy brand would’ve opened a school when I was kid I probably would have grown up to become a valedictorian (okay, it’s a stretch, but I would’ve been a thousand more times more interested in school if Optimus Prime had dropped by a few times).

I really like this idea though; I mean, what kid wouldn’t want to go to a school like this one? I also I really like the fact that schools around the world are taking several different approaches to garnering the interest of the youth and having the Lego brand as a great backdrop surely helps.

Now all we need is a school built by Playboy and the future generation will all have IQ’s that rival that of Einstein.

Image Credit: International School of Billund

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