LEGOLAND Attempts to Set Vampire Record
October 5, 2013

LEGOLAND Attempts to Set Vampire Record

And we thought Vampire Weekend was just a noisy, New York band with a Goth-sounding name. It turns out that LEGOLAND California Resort took the concept of “vampire weekend” a little further to the surreal with a special event that was trying to set a world record – not that I knew there was actually a record for the most vampires in one place.

The resort called on all “vampires” to come out this past Friday, October 4, to set the world record for the most vampires in one spot.

Well, not real vampires of course. That would be silly, because we all know that vampires don’t exist, and if they did, they probably couldn’t come out during the day anyway!

“We need YOU, parents and kids, to come to LEGOLAND California Resort dressed as a vampire on October 4 to help us break the World Record for the Most Vampires in one place at one time,” the company announced last week. “All kids dressed as a vampire and participate in the World Record attempt on Friday, October 4th will receive a FREE one-day child ticket to return to LEGOLAND California between October 5 and October 31st. All participants dressed as vampires (adults and children) will be entered into our raffle to win a family four-pack of tickets and a $100 LEGOLAND gift card.”

In other words, this was promotional event to get people to come to the park during, what could be, just a slow autumn day. But it does sound like a fun event at least!

However, LEGOLAND California Resort does have some very specific opinions – and hence criteria – on what it deems a vampire. Showing up with pale skin with diamond glitter, coiffed hair or a generally pouty look (like the vampires in Twilight) wouldnt count. Nor would showing up in a t-shirt or leather jacket (like True Blood) be considered acceptable.

These modern takes on vampires are not acceptable.

What defines being “dressed as a vampire”? According to the conditions, men and boys must don a black cape, black trousers, white shirt, vest – black, gray, or red are acceptable – neck frill or neck tie – black, gray, or red again acceptable – black shoes and vampire teeth. In other words, you’re going to need to look more like Grandpa Munster than Bill Compton or Edward Cullen.

Women and girls get to go a little more “Goth” but not exactly Elvira: Mistress of the Dark. This is, apparently, a “family gathering.” So ladies, that means black or red dress, dark eye makeup, red lips, black shoes, vampire teeth. But we assume most Goth Girls would probably have been accepted.

Of course, we don’t expect most Goths to appreciate the whole vampire thing.

While South Park’s Goth Kids would probably have been welcome, we imagine they’d find this whole thing to be way too conformist.

The vampire record-setting day was also just part of the park’s October celebrations for Halloween: which include a 10-foot Lord Vampyre LEGO model and live entertainment- including “Mail Order Monsters” and members of the “Boo Crew,” featuring stilt-walking vampires and tap dancing skeletons.

While this reporter doesn’t so much mind that it is going for the traditional Bella Lugosi/Christopher Lee take on Dracula, I am left to wonder whether Oktoberfest doesn’t really end up short changed as we turn Halloween into a month-long celebration.

Personally, drunken Germans in short pants are a whole lot scarier than vampires any day of the week!

Image Credit: LEGO Group

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