July 5, 2012

Video Review: 1.21 Legowatts

How do static electric forces behave in a weightless environment that does not involve the pull of gravity?

This is the question that NASA Astronaut Don Pettit tries to answer using a LEGO kit while aboard the International Space Station. The experiment is done by creatively using a LEGO structure with big rubber band, screen wire, aluminum foil and pulley to create a mini generator. Using the drill, Dr. Pettit produced a charge on the aluminum cylinder. He also used a plastic bag with flattened aluminum foil inside to store static electricity too.

When he rubbed a piece of foam against a bigger sheet of foam, it sticks to the aluminum cylinder and even orbits around it. However, when he rubbed the same piece of foam on skin, it repelled from the aluminum cylinder.

Definetly check out the challenge.

Photo credit: Photos.com

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