Let's Build A Character For Anima (Part 1)
December 24, 2013

Let’s Build A Character For Anima (Part 2)

Be sure to read Part 1.

When we last left off, our character was determined to be an Ebudan Nephilim summoner from the Dominion with agility six, strength four, dexterity five, constitution seven, perception six, intelligence nine, power nine, and willpower nine. Now it is time to move on to selecting our advantages and disadvantages.

When building a character for Anima: Beyond Fantasy, every character gets to start with three Creation Points which are used to purchase advantages. They may also take up to three disadvantages to get more, with disadvantages being worth one or two Creation Points based on how severe of a disadvantage they are and how frequently they will come up. Because I have already stated that I wanted this character to be able to use magic, I will start off by purchasing the Gift which alone costs two Creation Points. In addition to that, I elect for the Superior Magic Recovery advantage. This advantage can be selected more than once, but as I only have one more Creation Point, I take it only once. Now for some disadvantages. As this character is from the Dominion (which is the center of the Christian Faith in Gaia) I see this character being incredibly pious, so I opt for the magical disadvantage of Action Requirement, specifying prayer, giving me back one Creation Point. What this will mean is that this character must incant a prayer in order to perform magic. Next, I look through the disadvantages and select Code of Conduct out of Gaia: Beyond the Dreams for one Creation Point, selecting the doctrines of the Christian Faith as the ethical practices the character must adhere to, and Bad Luck, which increases the character’s chances of Fumbling a dice roll by two. Now we have three more Creation Points to spend, of which two go into Superior Magic Recovery so we have that at three (giving us four times the magical energy recovered daily) and Acute Senses, giving us a +50 bonus to the skills Notice and Search, as well as a +1 to our Perception attribute when we use it for opposed attribute tests.

Next, we need to note some derived and set values. The first is appearance, which is rated between one and ten. This can be either rolled or selected, as it has little impact on the game. I chose to roll and end up with a seven, meaning the character is relatively cute. Next I note Presence, which is the strength of our character’s soul. This is based on our level, and as we are level one, this means we have a Presence of 30. This is used to determine our resistances, which include Physical Resistance (PhR), Disease Resistance (DR), Venom Resistance (VR), Magic Resistance (MR), and Psychic Resistance (PsR). Each start at 30, equal to our presence, and then are modified based on our attribute modifiers. PhR, DR, and VR are all based on constitution, in which we have a seven. An attribute of seven gives us a +5 modifier, so our PhR, DR, and VR are all +35. Psychic Resistance is based on willpower, in which we have an attribute of nine (+10 modifier) so our PsR is +40. Magic Resistance is based on power, which we also have a nine in, but we also selected the Gift as an advantage, which gives an additional +10, which makes our total Magic Resistance a +50. Not bad for a level one character. Next we figure our Gnosis and Natura. Gnosis is the relative importance our character has in the world, which for adventurers is 10 unless the Gamemaster says otherwise. Natura is the difference between our characters and the average member of our race – normal humans – who normally have Gnosis 0, which makes our Natura +10. Not every Gamemaster asks you to note this, as it is an optional rule out of Gaia: Beyond the Dreams, but we use it for reasons you will see later.

Our character is really starting to shape up. Next time we will finish noting our derived values and start spending our character’s development points.

As always, thanks for reading, good gaming, and a Happy Holiday season to you all.

Image Credit: Fantasy Flight Games

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