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February 6, 2014

Let’s Build A Character For Iron Kingdoms (Part 3)

Be sure to read Part 1 and Part 2.

It’s time we finished up our Iron Kingdoms character, Tora, the skilled hunter/ranger. First off, we fill out our character’s Life Spiral, which works like their health tracker – a unique system that I am still currently trying to figure out. Then we figure out her starting Defense score, her Initiative, and her Command Range, which are all derived values of her attributes (all easily done, of course!). We also have what languages she speaks. To start with, she can speak Cygnaran as it is the most common language of the region; she will then be able to select two more – one general and one from her Explorer career. Because I have always pictured the character (rather, the character this one is based on) as having dealings with the elves – Iosan in this game – I give her Shry, as that is the starting language for their race. Next, I opt for Gobberish just because I think it would be fun to be able to speak with these crafty little traders and craftsmen in their native tongue.

Next, I note that the Explorer career says that I gain Connection- patrons, meaning whomever I choose to work for. I also gain a bonus of 25 gc (money) each month from that patron as long as I continue reporting back to them about new discoveries and bring them the occasional gift or trinket. Looking over the list of possible patrons/connections, I select to have ties to “Wealthy Patrons,” a network of wealthy individuals from the lands of Highgate in Cygnar (which I also make my Port of Call destination) who have a vested interest in my character’s exploits. This likely has to do with her family, who were always wealthy on her mother’s side. Rather than be a lady of the courts, however, she opted for the life of the wilds, taking after her father who was lost during a hunt when she was a child.

Finally, it is time to spend some coin and note what equipment my character will be starting with. Based on my careers, I start with 225 gc (gold coins), a map case, and a spyglass. Using that 225 gc, I purchase a bow with 100 arrows and a quiver (her primary weapon), a sword (backup weapon), a knife (backup-backup weapon/utility), custom battle armor, a pocket watch – after all, what steampunk character does not have a pocket watch – a surgical kit, five days of dry rations, and a great coat. This leaves me with 28 gc to start the game with. Hopefully that will be enough.

And so that completes Tora, and I am now ready to give Iron Kingdoms a try. The game sounds like a lot of fun, and I am looking forward to playing a character that still specializes in the skills of wilderness survival, archery, and travel in a time akin to an industrial revolution.

As always, thanks for reading, and I wish everyone good gaming.

Image Credit: Privateer Press

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