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February 4, 2014

Let’s Build A Character For Iron Kingdoms (Part One)

So, since I am going to be trying Iron Kingdoms out for the first time in a few weeks, I figured we would go through what it was to build a character in this system. Thus far, all I have in mind is a basic concept and a name, Tora, who will be based on a character I played several years ago back in Dungeons & Dragons third edition.

According to the book, step one is to choose my race. In this game you can choose between being a human, dwarf, gobber (goblin), iosan (elf), nyss (wild elf?), ogrun (orc or possibly ogre), or trollkin (troll). Overall, this is a pretty good spread of racial options, but I think this character is going to stay simple and be a human. I often play humans in fantasy games if, for no other reason, then they add that touch of normalcy into an otherwise truly fantastic story. An odd reasoning? Perhaps, but I like it nonetheless. The human race starts with a decent spread of base-level attributes, an extra language, and a +1 bonus to one starting attribute of my choice.

Next, I get to pick an archetype for my character. This is something I find very neat about the game, as it basically allows you to choose what style of character you are going to play. The options are Gifted, meaning the character can use magic, Intellectual, meaning you are incredibly intelligent and able to use your natural mental prowess to gain an advantage over your foes, Mighty, meaning that you are a physically dominant character who can usually overpower their foes with pure brute strength, or Skilled, which means you are crafty, cunning, and quick. Given that my basic idea for this character is based on the Ranger class from D&D, I am going to go with Skilled for my Archetype. What this means is that I will gain an extra attack during my Activation Phase (my character’s turn) whenever I chose to attack. Two hits for the price of one? I like it.

Step three, the most interesting one to me, is selecting two starting careers that will then combine to make my own, unique class. Off all the features of the game, this is the one I am most excited for. My first choice is easy enough: Ranger. The character I am basing Tora one was a Ranger in D&D, so it is only fitting that I make her a Ranger here too. For my second career, I choose for her to be an Explorer, as that compliments the abilities she will gain from the Ranger career quite well. Now, I have been told that later in the game the characters have the option of picking up a third, or even fourth career, but honestly I am not sure of any that I find all that interesting for this character. It is likely that she will simply remain a Ranger/Explorer, but depending on circumstances she might opt to take up the trade of Bounty Hunter, Cutthroat, Investigator, or maybe even Spy. We will just have to see.

Thus far we have a character with a selected race, archetype, and two starting careers. Next, we are going to start putting some numbers into this character and figure out her stats.

That is all for now. As always, I thank you for reading and wish you all good gaming.

Image Credit: Privateer Press

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