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February 5, 2014

Let’s Build A Character For Iron Kingdoms (Part Two)

When we last left off with our build for an Iron Kingdoms character, our character, Tora, was set to be a human with the Skilled archetype and the starting careers of Ranger and Explorer. A good start, but so far that is mostly just concept. Now it is time to put some numbers down on paper.

Starting off, we look at the basic stats for a beginning human character. Humans start off with a Physique of five, a Speed of six, a Strength of four, an Agility of three, a Poise of four, a Prowess of four, an Intellect of three, an Arcane of nothing (because we did not select Gifted as our starting archetype), and a Perception of three. Humans then get to increase one of Physique, Agility, or Intellect by one because of their racial perk, Exceptional Potential, and thus I am increasing her Agility to a four. Then, as per starting characters, we gain three more points to distribute as we see fit. We have to keep in mind the limits for starting characters, but this should not be a problem. Because I want her to be a highly skilled archer, I will increase her Poise to a five, which is the maximum for starting humans. I also see her being very perceptive, so I will devote the other two to Perception, increasing that to a five, which is the max for a starting character, as well.

Then we have skills, which are based on our career choices. Rangers start off with Hand Weapons at rank one, then either Archery, Crossbows, Pistols, or Rifles also at one. Well, I want her to be an archer, so this is an easy choice; Archery one. The career also gives her one rank in Detection, Sneak, Survival, and Tracking, all of which fit well with the concept I have for her as a hunter. Explorers start off being able to pick between giving one rank to Archery, Hand Weapons, Pistols, or Rifles, so I put that in Archery so she starts off with two ranks in Archery, which is as high as you can have for a Heroic-tiered character. She also gains a second rank in both Detection and Survival, as well as one rank in Medicine and one in Navigation. Overall, I am under the impression that this is a good suite of skills for a starting character.

Now for abilities. I get to choose one benefit of being a Skilled archetype character, in addition to the whole multiple attack ability I mentioned last time. I am torn between Deft, which allows her to gain the “boosted” trait to any Agility rolls, and Preternatural Awareness, which gives her “boosted” to her Initiative rolls and prevents enemies from ever gaining the benefit of attacking her from behind. Preternatural Awareness it is. As this character grows, I will likely pick up Deft as soon as I am able. Rangers gain the abilities Camouflage and Pathfinder. Camouflage gives her a bonus of plus two to her Defense when she is either concealed or taking cover while Pathfinder allows her to move through rough terrain without penalty, perfect for the hunter/archer character I hope to play her as. Finally, Explorers gain the abilities Big Game Hunter, which means that she gains a bonus to attacking natural animals or beasts of the wilds equal to her Survival skill, an additional language of choice, and Port of Call, which says for each level of Navigation the character has, I can select one destination that she can always find her way back to without trouble. There are a bunch of neat tricks that I will make sure to note down on my sheet so I can remember what all of them mean when at the game table.

We are nearing the finish line for building this character. Next, we just need to finish up some derived values and select our starting equipment.

Thank you all for reading and I wish you all good gaming.

Image Credit: Privateer Press

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