A Look at the Fluff of Shadowrun, Fifth Edition
March 17, 2014

Let’s Build A Character For Shadowrun (Part 4)

We are nearly there. Our character for Shadowrun is almost done. Currently we are outfitting our Dominican and have already purchased his lifestyle, his primary weapon, and his armor. I should mention that many players feel that purchasing gear can be the most tedious part of the character creation process, and while this certainly may be true, it is also a very important part. You never know what you will need until you need it, so it is important to plan ahead, and this is the best place to do it. We still have 38,350 nuyen to spend, so lets get to it.

We still need a commlink, so lets get a good one. The Transys Avalon is the best one we can start with, rating 6, and its only 5,000 nuyen and an extra 100 for the Sim module (which allows you to access the Virtual Reality Matrix, something useful for all characters). We will also need trodes (70) in order to use that Sim module, since we do not want any implants due to their reaction to magic. Because our Ruger has the smartgun, we will need a smartlink system as well, so lets move on to optical devices. A pair of glasses with 4 capacity is only 400 nuyen, and that is enough for smartlink (2000), image link (25), low-light vision (500), and flare compensation (250). Those certainly are a sweet pair of shades. Next, because our character is a SINless (think someone without a social security number) it will be useful to pick up some fake identification. Lets go with two of them, both rating four and one with a fake license for spell-casting. Those will cost us 10,000 and 11,200 respectively. With those, we are down to 8,805. See, I told you that 50,000 would go fast. Lets move on to magical tools.

To start with, we are going to want a Lodge – a place of magical power for us to use. Creating one of those at our magic level (6) will cost us 3,000 nuyen. We will also want some reagents in order to perform our ritual magic and bind spirits to do our bidding, so lets pick up 400 of those, taking care of our remaining 8,000. We will pocket the remaining 805 nuyen, adding it to our starting 4d6x100 nuyen we will get from starting at a Middle lifestyle (I rolled it and got 1,500, so Dominican will start the game with 2,305 nuyen to his name).

Next, we still have 15 karma saved from earlier, and I think it is time we spent it. Lets so ahead and take a specialty in Binding for Spirits of Man as well as one in Spellcasting for Manipulation spells, furthering our already specialized skill set. Specialties cost seven karma per, so that leaves us with only one karma remaining. For a little flavor, lets throw that into a single rank of the knowledge skill of High Society.

And with that, our shadowrunner is just about ready to hit the mean streets. All that remains is determining his derived values and we will be ready to go.

As always, I thank you for reading and wish you all good gaming.

Image Credit: Catalyst Game Labs

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