Let’s Build A Character For Star Wars: Saga Edition (Part 1)
May 9, 2014

Let’s Build A Character For Star Wars Saga Edition (Part 3)

In continuing with our look at Star Wars in honor of May the Fourth (be with you), we are nearly done with Tuu’lan, the Twi’lek Scoundrel we have been making for the Star Wars Saga Edition Role-playing Game. We have already determined the character’s race, class, abilities, talent, feat, and the numerous skills they are trained in. All we have left is to see what our character will be starting with and to determine their many derived values.

Equipment is based on money, as nothing in the Galaxy is free, and money is based on your class. Scoundrels start with 3d4x250 credits, which we will use to purchase our starting gear. Rolling the dice, I came up with three, one, and three which gives us seven multiplied by 250, so 1,750 starting credits.

Considering that the Galaxy is a dangerous place, the first thing we should look at is getting Tuu’lan a weapon (or several). As the character’s primary weapon, let’s take the heavy blaster pistol for 750 credits. Sure, its expensive, but we will want the kick it packs when we face down Stormtroopers – which I must admit are far more dangerous in tabletop games than they ever seemed in the movies. Let’s also grab the hold-out blaster pistol for 300, just in case, and a knife for 25 because having a knife is always a good idea. In addition to that, let’s pick up a basic comlink for 25, a pocket scrambler for 400 so no sneaky Imperials can’ pick up on our comlink. Finally, let’s grab a hip holster for our heavy blaster pistol (25) and a concealed one for our hold-out blaster (50). That will leave us with 175 credits to start the game with, enough to get by, but certainly making us eager to find work.

At last, it is time to determine our character’s derived values. Once that is done, Tuu’lan will be ready to play. First off, we will need our character’s hit points. Scoundrels start with 18 plus the character’s Constitution modifier. Unfortunately, we have a Constitution of 11, which gives us a modifier of zero, so 18 is what we start with. Next, we note that Scoundrels start with five Force Points, which will be very useful. Force Sensitive or not, the Force impacts everyone in some way. Lastly, our three Defenses and Damage Threshold. All three defenses start at 10 plus our character’s level, so 11. We then gain +1 to Will and +2 to Reflex thanks to the Scoundrel class, as well as +2 to Fortitude thanks to Twi’leks being surprisingly resistant. Finally, we add in our Constitution modifier (zero) to our Fortitude Defense, our Dexterity modifier (+2) to our Reflex Defense, and our Wisdom modifier (zero) to our Will Defense. This makes our final defenses Fortitude 13, Reflex 15, and Will 12. As for our Damage Threshold, that one is easy. Unless we have anything that changes it, which we do not, it is equal to our Fortitude Defense, so 13.

And that is it. Tuu’lan is ready to cause all sorts of problems for the Empire. I hope you all enjoyed this look at building a character for Star Wars Saga Edition and sometime get the chance to both make and play one yourself.

That is all for this week of May the Fourth.

Thank you all for reading and I wish you all good gaming.

And, of course, may the Force be with you.

Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast

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