Let’s Build A Character For The Dresden Files (Part One)
January 29, 2014

Let’s Build A Character For The Dresden Files (Part Two)

When last we left off with our young werewolf character for The Dresden Files RPG, we had a High Concept, “Teenage Werewolf on the Run,” our Trouble Aspect, “The Beast Within,” and the first three other Aspects, “Born on the Wrong Side of the Tracks,” “With Friends Like These…,” and “I may be down, but I ain’t out.” We still have two more Aspects to go, and for these (as I mentioned last time) we need the input of other players, as each of them are based around the meeting of our character with theirs. For the sake of this example build, I am not going to go into all that this can entail, but rather just give you the finalized Aspects of “Cannot Keep His Nose Out of Trouble” and “Don’t treat me like a dog, dammit!”

Next, we have our refresh. Refresh is a number of points players are given depending on the level of game the Gamemaster wants to run (10 in the case of a Submerged game, like this one). These points are used to buy Abilities, Stunts, and to keep as Fate Refresh in the game, which is how many points of Fate your character gains back at the start of each session. It is required that we keep at least one point of Refresh in order to be an applicable player character, otherwise our character lacks all free will, so we have 9 points to play with. First, we need to look at our template, werewolf, to determine what is required that we spend in order to play as that. Werewolves are required to take Beast Change (allowing them to shape-shift) for one and Echoes of the Beast (giving them the natural instincts of an animal) for another one Refresh. They are also required to take the Human Form ability, indicating that their abilities are not always available to them – namely while they appear human – which gives us a spent point back. Next, for our wolf form, we take Inhuman Speed for two, Inhuman Strength for two, Claws for one, and Pack Instincts for another one. In total, this costs us seven points of Refresh out of our ten, leaving us with three. Three is a good number for me, so I am going to keep it at that.

Next comes skills, which we have 35 points to distribute according to the skill pyramid, which means we cannot have more higher rated skills than lower ones. I will skip over what that entails for the purposes of this example and just give you the final totals: Alertness +3, Athletics +3, Burglary +2, Contacts +1, Conviction +2, Deceit +1, Discipline +2, Empathy +1, Endurance +3, Fists +2, Intimidation +1, Investigation +1, Lore +1, Might +2, Presence +2, Scholarship +1, Stealth +3, Survival +3, and Weapons +1.

Finally, our character needs a name. Let’s go with “Luke.” I like the name Luke, and just for flavor we can say that his dad was a Star Wars fan and named him after Skywalker.

And that is it. That is all it takes to build a character for The Dresden Files RPG. Luke is ready to play. Yes, I know I skipped over a lot of the details about the how and why of some things, but that is because this was meant to give you a taste of building a character, not the whole thing. Want to experience it yourself? Get your friends together, get a copy of the book from your local game store, and have a blast.

Thank you all for reading and, as always, I wish you all good gaming.

Image Credit: Evil Hat Productions

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