Let’s Build A Character For Vampire: The Requiem (Part 1)
April 25, 2014

Let’s Build A Character For Vampire: The Requiem (Part 4)

At last, our World of Darkness character is done and we can now turn her into a character for Vampire: The Requiem, transforming her from a mere mortal into a vampire.

For many characters, this would require a rethinking of their Concept, but as we went into this knowing that Fang was going to be a vampire, her concept of “Modern Savage” still works perfectly. Also, like mortals, vampires also have a Virtue and a Vice, and thus these need no changing. What we need to do now is determine which clan of vampires she belongs to.

For anyone familiar with the game, the choice of clan will come as no surprise. Fang is a Gangrel, a savage. Clan Gangrel is known for being primitive, bestial, and highly resilient, all of which fit Fang to perfection. Also, I will not lie, when I first created her, I built her to be a member of Clan Gangrel as they have long been one of my favorite clans in the game. As a member of Clan Gangrel, Fang gets one extra attribute point that can be put into either Composure or Stamina, further highlighting just how resilient these monsters can be. As we have already allotted, she already has a Stamina of three and a Composure of two. We could put this extra attribute point into Composure to raise her above average, making her “good” in both them, buy why be good when you can be great? Let’s put that point into Stamina, giving her a four.

Next, we will look at the five major Covenants. These are the social denominations among the Kindred – vampires – and indicate to which circle your character belongs. It is also possible to be Unaligned, which is very tempting for our little beast-woman, but there are so many advantages to belonging to a Covenant that it makes being Unaligned often a very unappealing choice. The Carthians are all about equality among all Kindred, which does not fit will with a true predator like Fang. The Lancea Sanctum and Invictus both seem too stuffy for her. The Ordo Dracul is tempting, as their dark powers could help her a great deal in her defiance of the modern, but over all it is the Circle of the Crone that suits her best. Their ancient rituals, pagan traditions, and secretive nature all suit her greatly, not to mention that this is a Covenant that is already favored heavily by the Gangrel, which means there are likely others who would share her mindset.

Now it is time to look at merits, which we skipped over during her mortal character creation as there are some exclusive to vampires that might be good for her. Every character gets seven ranks to distribute among any merits they like and, like attributes, the fifth rank costs double. For Fang, as we have already chosen to make her a member of the Circle of the Crone, let’s give her Covenant Status: Circle of the Crone at three, making her a well-known and respected member of the local Circle. Among her peers, she is given respect and to her, that means mostly leaving her alone. Next, we will give her three ranks in Haven, which gives her a sanctum she can retreat to during the day. For her, this will likely be a forested area where she has found a large cave or some other natural structure that is well hidden and hard for most to get to. Finally, with her last point of merits, let’s give her Herd one, which gives her a bonus to her feeding rolls, indicating that she has a regular source of prey that she can hunt reliably.

We are nearing the end. Fang is almost ready for play. Next time we finish her up by selecting her vampiric disciplines – supernatural powers – and determining her derived values.

As always, thanks for reading and I wish you all good gaming.

Image Credit: White Wolf Publishing

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