Let’s Build A Character For Vampire: The Requiem (Part 1)
April 26, 2014

Let’s Build A Character For Vampire: The Requiem (Part 5)

And at last we come to the end of it. Fang, our Vampire: The Requiem character is almost done. Already we have her name, concept, clan, covenant, virtue, vice, attributes, skills, and merits. All we have left now are her disciplines and her derived values.

Disciplines are special vampire powers that not all vampires possess. Every Kindred is able to heal their own wounds, boost their physical characteristics via the expenditure of their precious blood, and more, but not all can sway the will of mortals with a look, turn into a wolf or a bat, vanish from sight, or move faster than the eye can see. All characters start with three ranks in disciplines, two of which must be chosen from those favored by the clan. Also, as a member of the Circle of the Crone, our vampire has access to a special discipline of blood sorcery, called Cruac.

The disciplines favored by the Gangrel are Animalism, which allows them to control the creatures of the wild, Protean, which is vampiric shape-shifting, and Resilience, which gives vampires an even greater resistance to harm. For Fang, let’s take the first rank of Protean, which gives her the power of Aspect of the Predator. What this does is make it so she will never feel fear when facing a stronger vampire for the first time – a trait of the blood – but rather sees all as equal. Next, we take a second in Protean, giving her Haven of Soil, which allows her to sink into the ground to avoid the burning rays of the sun. Finally, with her final rank, we will take Potence at one. Potence gives her supernatural levels of strength that defy her normal physical abilities. Though not a clan favored discipline, it is one that comes in very handy for those who might otherwise underestimate her.

Now for her derived values. First, she has Blood Potency one, which indicates that her vampiric blood is still somewhat weak. All characters start off with one unless they chose to increase it by the expenditure of (many) merit points. Blood Potency can be raised in game by the expenditure of experience or simply by her age, as the blood grows more potent the older a vampire is. Blood Potency also determines how much blood a vampire can store within their bodies and how many points of it they can spend at once. Next we have her size, which is five. This is static unless changed via merits. Her defense, which is the lower of either her Dexterity or Wits, making it a three as she has three in both. Her initiative is equal to the sum of her Dexterity and Composure, which is five. Speed is the sum of her Strength, Dexterity, and five, so she has a final speed of 10. Her Humanity, a measure of how greatly she holds on to what it means to be human, starts at seven and may/will change during play.

Next we have her Health, which is equal to her Stamina plus her size, giving her nine boxes of health. The final three of these are marked with a negative one, two, and three which indicates wound penalties for if she is reduced to those boxes via wounds. Finally, her Willpower is determined by the sum of her Resolve and her Composure, which gives her five.

And that is it. Fang is ready to play.

I hope you all enjoyed this look at what goes into making a character for this incredibly fun game.

As always, thanks for reading and I wish you all good gaming.

Image Credit: White Wolf Publishing

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