LetterLogic Continues Sustainable Commitments with Trammell Bell Efficiency Project
May 5, 2013

LetterLogic Continues Sustainable Commitments with Trammell Bell Efficiency Project

Courtesy of Alexandra Phillips, The Green Register Contributor

LetterLogic, a communication services company in Nashville, TN that sends out 5 million pieces of mail across 44 states each month, has completed an energy efficient lighting project with Trammell Bell, an energy conservation firm in Nashville, by retrofitting their 25,000 sq. ft. production space with new efficient lighting technology. This reduced their energy usage by 51.8%, and they are saving 39,338.2 kWh annually.

Besides improving their lighting quality and saving money every month, this project represents a renewed commitment to LetterLogic’s company goal of “recognizing the value of the triple-bottom-line, doing what is best for our people, our profit, and our planet,” as stated by their mission statement.

LetterLogic considers being a leader in green and sustainable practices within their community to be one of the most important responsibilities of their company. Nashville has taken notice and shown its appreciation by honoring LetterLogic with the Mayor’s Workplace Challenge award for being the most innovative green company in the last year.

Besides investing in energy efficiency projects, LetterLogic commits itself to sustainability with a number of smart, simple solutions, like “paying our employees by the miles they walk or bike to work, giving everyone a bus pass, only purchasing paper that’s grown in sustainable forests that are SFI [Sustainable Forest Initiative] certified, and not using any plastic on the envelopes, it’s actually corn starch so it’s biodegradable,” explains Daniel Harris, in charge of operations and sales support at LetterLogic.

These are only a few of many examples showcasing how LetterLogic continually commits itself to being a force for good within its community. “It’s hard to be green when you’re dealing with paper. We can’t use recycled paper because it doesn’t work correctly with all of our machines,” Harris notes, “our sustainable practices go along with our company’s cultural values and we’re proud of it, it’s a small selling point when we talk to our prospective clients that make an impact.”

Even though LetterLogic doesn’t mind incurring a little extra cost here and there to follow through with their environmental commitments, Trammell Bell’s energy upgrade project was one investment they knew they’d see fast returns with. Since Trammell Bell is part of the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Preferred Partner Network, they were able to get LetterLogic TVA incentives for the lighting upgrades that covered about half the project.

“If you factor in the energy savings we’ve been seeing, the project will pay for itself in under two years,” says Harris. “For us it was just a simple economic decision. If you completely eliminated the aspect of being green and protecting the environment and all of that stuff and you look at the simple ROI it was a no brainer.”

LetterLogic is a prime example of how a local business is making a big impact in its community, understanding the importance of looking at a bigger picture of responsibility, and being aware of how the small decisions they make every day resound far beyond the immediate realm of LetterLogic’s business reach. Yet, still, when you come right down to the economic sense of the matter, their lighting project is still right in line with the goals of any business’s bottom line needs.

So whether or not sustainability is a goal for a business leader, it’s pretty safe to say that saving money is, and in the world of energy efficiency, the two are almost always conveniently packaged together.

Image Credit: alexwhite / Shutterstock

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