October 24, 2012

LG Scares The Sh*t Out Of Elevator Riders

Pranks are fun. Some pull pranks to watch the blood course quicker through their victim’s veins as they briefly confront what they’re sure is danger or death. Others pull pranks for the sheer mischief of it all, getting their jollies instead by watching their victims (hopefully a loved one and someone close) become frustrated or irate.

There are others out there who pull pranks for no other reason than to shoot a video about it and spread this video all throughout the Internet in hopes it will become a sensation and maybe, just MAYBE, sell a few units as it goes.

Take, for instance, one of the latest videos to go “viral” on the ‘net.

Electronics maker LG builds mobile phones, home appliances and even LCD displays and panels. The company also just so happens to be releasing a new monitor with IPS (In-plane switching) technology. These types of screens can deliver a very clear and realistic picture. For reference, Apple’s iPad and iPhone use this same sort of tech in their screens.

So, to show just how realistic these monitors can be, LG arranged to have the floor of an elevator outfitted with a grid of these monitors and a few hidden cameras in the cabin to capture the riders’ reactions. When the passenger first walks into the elevator, all seems normal. They’re not even aware there might be light shining up from their feet.

The trap is now set.

The elevator shakes, the lights go dim, and just as the riders begin to wonder what in the world is happening to their lift…

The grid of displays plays an illusion which looks like the tiles of the floor are now plummeting several stories to the bottom of the chute, leaving the passengers hanging there without a floor to stand on, so to speak.

Several riders are shown walking into the elevator and experiencing a gamut of emotions. Most are quickly aware that they’ve been pranked, as they remain standing while the tiles seemingly fall and fall and fall. One woman, on the other hand, looks to have become so irate she tries to exit the lift as quickly as possible, a look of utter-distaste in her eyes.

The closing line?

“So real, it’s scary.”

Of course, these riders were never placed in danger. It was all a prank, carefully orchestrated by some of LG’s finest pranksters, camera crews and video artists.

ABC’s Good Morning America thought it was “viral” enough that they even aired the commercial on their show yesterday morning.

An LG spokesperson told ABC that the video had been created and subsequently posted by their colleagues in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands office didn’t reply immediately for ABC’s request for comment.

Because once you explain it, it’s no longer funny.

Of course, attempting to place your company’s message in the hands of others is always tricky. While LG likely wanted members of the Internet community to marvel at the quality of their screen, exclaiming things like, “My Stars! I honestly thought that person was a dead man. I have to see how Facebook looks on this display!” the most savvy Internet users were more focused on finding out if this video had been ‘shopped, staged or otherwise, fake.

Because that’s what we do know. We can’t enjoy a simple prank. We have to know immediately if it was staged.

Good news, eagle-eyes. It was staged, in that the company made the floor look like it had fallen.

And honestly, how hard would it have been to get similar reactions out of even actors who were expecting the trick?

So, the question which remains is this:

How WILL your Facebook account look on these scary displays? You’ll be able to find out for only $200.

Image Credit: hxdbzxy / Shutterstock

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