Listen To Foxygen
August 19, 2013

Listen To Foxygen

Welcome to Bands You Should Be Listening To. My goal here is to bring an artist to your attention, whether you’ve heard of them or not, and convince you to give them a listen. My hope is that you end up finding some tunes that you love! Let’s get started.

Foxygen are a little bit hard to describe. There’s just a lot about this duo from California that confounds and contradicts. The best description of Foxygen is that they are an alternative and indie rock band of the experimental persuasion…but that barely begins to scratch the surface of this group.

Their latest LP We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic features a bunch of tracks that run the gamut of style, sometimes even switching mid-song. “Shuggie,” for example goes through a couple of tempo and stylistic shifts until it finally rolls out as a folk tune. There are songs with pop singing, aggressive yelling, spoken word, and everything in between. And the instrumental side of the coin is even more varied. “On Blue Mountain” is a straightforward, jangly little jam that breaks down into an act of bluesy expression. The title track is a slick little guitar jam that almost sounds like something Jack White would put out.

“San Francisco” is my favorite, and definitely the most pop friendly – it has a cute little melody, and a call and response between the singers. “I left my love in San Francisco,” is met with “that’s okay, I was born in LA.” It’s a kind sentiment and it tells a story of love making adjustments, and blooming in new places. The music video for that song highlights the relationship between the two central members of this band – they have a sweet rapport with each other, and you can easily tell that they love what they do. This is the single from the album, and it might lead one to believe, as I did, that Foxygen are just a simple pop band. But it goes much further than that.

And while what they do might not be normal by any stretch of the imagination, that doesn’t mean it’s not a very cool thing. These songs move through styles and genres – from exhaustive power punk to sweet smiley pop to standard old rock jams. If Foxygen did just one of these things for a whole album it would be successful. But they don’t stop there. They don’t set a single limit for themselves. And as a result, their potential in music really is endless. So you might want to grab a front row seat to the show. Whatever it ends up being, it surely won’t disappoint.

Thanks for reading! If you end up listening to the music from this article, please let me know how you liked it! I always love to hear your opinions, even (and especially) if they differ from my own. You can tweet at me @RobinCopple1, or contact me through my email. Don’t be shy! See you next time. Keep listening to music!

Image Credit: Foxygen / Jagjaguwar

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