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September 12, 2013

Listen To Kings Of Leon

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Kings of Leon have had a rough couple of years.

When the Nashville rock band released Come Around Sundown in 2011, it was met with widespread praise and commercial success. But there were a few fans that found issue. “Kings of Leon have sold out!” They would say. “All their stuff is watered-down pop music now!” The record was produced cleaner and brighter, and the LP did feature some accessible radio singles. But of course this wasn’t true, and the record went on to sell millions of copies.

When the Kings of Leon cancelled an entire tour last year, rumors swirled. Had singer Caleb Followill entered rehab? Was the sickness they mentioned in a press release more serious than they were letting on? The band didn’t respond to press.

When the band finally reconvened and released Supersoaker as a promotional single, Nathan Williams of the punk band Wavves made sure everyone knew he was not happy with their title choice. And again, the band swallowed the blow and moved on. Why bother?

All of these times, and probably a hundred times prior, the Kings of Leon haven’t let a thing get to them. They’ve just kept moving on, sorting out their problems on their own, and writing the music they wanted to write.

To be honest, I was worried about the Kings of Leon. But I now know I shouldn’t have worried. These guys are back, without a doubt. And now that they have returned, prepped for the release of their new album Mechanical Bull in a few weeks, it seems that this band of four brothers is as relaxed and confident as ever. And their new song Supersoaker is a direct reflection of that.

Throughout the music video, the band looks focused, but they’re also clearly having a good time. Caleb Followill lets out a hearty laugh before starting a verse. Drum, guitar, and bass lineup in perfect tandem, just as they always have. And the song is a much-welcomed return to the kind of straightforward, melodic, and rich rock music that this band has become so good at making. The verse, chorus, and bridge are all instantly memorable, and the sentiment behind the lyrics is clear. All in all it’s a simple, catchy, and awesome rock song. It’s a new favorite. And I’m so glad that the Kings of Leon are back.

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Image Credit: Kings of Leon / Sony BMG Music Entertainment

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