Listen to Mac DeMarco
August 1, 2013

Listen To Mac DeMarco

Welcome to Bands You Should Be Listening To. My goal here is to bring an artist to your attention, whether you’ve heard of them or not, and convince you to give them a listen. My hope is that you end up finding some tunes that you love! Let’s get started.

If you take a glance at Mac DeMarco, maybe the cover to his latest album 2, nothing really seems off. DeMarco just looks like a sweet kid with a guitar, throwing a piece sign in the air. The first few minutes of that album only drive the illusion further. It just sounds like standard sun-baked guitar rock. And if you only listen at face value, that might be all you consider it to be.

Only when you delve deeper into the world of Mac DeMarco, who has been making music in Canada since 2008, do you notice that he’s more interesting than meets the eye. In the music video for My Kind of Woman, he can be found putting on makeup and a wig, ostensibly as a drag costume. Upon research one might find that this isn’t an irregular occurrence for him. He looks like he takes his clothes off a lot. He’s just an interesting kid.

And none of this is to say that his music is poor – rather, it’s quite good. It’s not thin, in fact it’s meaty. His sparse lyrics hint towards deeper meanings. And his songs and albums, though brief, are impactful in the worlds they open up. His music, at first glance just breezy and carefree, is in reality sleazy, wheezing rock. It’s tricky, laced with dissonant chords and descending melodies.

I love the tone to the song Freaking Out the Neighborhood. At the start, the drums, bass, and guitar all are taking exciting turns that set up a special groove. Then, when DeMarco comes in, everything opens up, and the song’s structure collapses into a soft jam. From there, the slower, more emotional Annie provides a perfect antithesis to that energy. DeMarco has a subtle, but versatile, vocal range; he can be grounded and melancholy in his baritone, relaxed and unaffected in a speaking voice, and even touch up in the higher registers when he needs to. And his guitar playing is sweet – bluesy, jangly, and shimmering, depending on the circumstance. His talent is underrated across the board.

And at the end of the day, even despite all the craziness associated with him, DeMarco is also making some of the most consistently good standard sun-baked guitar rock in music right now. So, either way, you can’t really go wrong with giving DeMarco a listen. So go! And enjoy.

Thanks for reading! If you end up listening to the music from this article, let me know how you liked it! I always love to hear your opinions, even (and especially) if they differ from my own. You can tweet at me @RobinCopple1, or contact me through my email. Don’t be shy! See you next time. Keep listening to music!

Image Credit: Mac Demacro / Captured Tracks

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