Listen to Still Corners
July 23, 2013

Listen To Still Corners

Welcome to Bands You Should Be Listening To. My goal here is to bring an artist to your attention, whether you’ve heard of them or not, and convince you to give them a listen. My hope is that you end up finding some tunes that you love! Let’s get started.

Still Corners are a combination of vocalist Tessa Murray and producer and songwriter Greg Hughes. Based out of London, the duo has been bringing us sweet tunes since 2007. Strange Pleasures, their second and most recent record, brought them on to the map in a huge way with its mix of soothing electronics and soaring vocal touches.

There are a lot of singer-plus-producer duos out there, but Still Corners is special. Few pairings like this form together so well, with equal parts a stark dichotomy and completely complimentary. It brings to mind artists like The Postal Service and Purity Ring, where natural and original music is brought about amidst the usually cold and spare world of electronics.

These songs are layered with synthesizers, drum machines, and electronic effects, but Murray’s voice still floats over top, angelic and airy. The combination is sweet, and accessible. It’s like folk music for the future. You could give it a listen in place of the usual John Legend and Jack Johnson for an energizing Sunday morning.

Beatcity and Berlin Lovers pound with heavy, bass-drenched beats. Murray does shift her intent to match the tone; her voice is more focused and a little bit more direct. But, it still remains as sweet as ever. Other songs like Going Back To Strange plod along, almost smiling, as electronics unwind and envelop Murray, hugging her and corresponding to her dynamics. And the group doesn’t stray away from length. Tracks like The Trip expand to longer than six minutes. They build slowly, crescendo and groove at the top, and then start the journey back down to Earth. It’s easy to get lost in the music; it’s just so pleasant and unobtrusive.

And it’s not all bleep-bloops and singing trills. Murray and Hughes have employed a backing band since they’ve gained traction, and they make their mark on this record. One of the greatest parts of opener The Trip is the simple acoustic guitar part under the mix. Live drums and bass are employed throughout as well, and this gives the record a sound more like a band than of a singer and a backing track.

Still Corners is now a legitimate four-piece, and their potential for growth at this point is endless. Small beginnings on Bandcamp have led to widespread notice and burgeoning popularity. There are only good things to come from Still Corners. It’d be in your best interest to hop on board and enjoy the ride.

Thanks for reading! If you end up listening to the music from this article, let me know how you liked it! I always love to hear your opinions, even if they differ from mine. You can tweet at me @RobinCopple1, or contact me through my email. Don’t be shy! See you next time. Keep listening to music!

Image Credit: Still Corners

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