October 9, 2012

Literary Gold – Literally

I told you briefly in a previous post about the Jeep contest that happens every year in Geocaching.  Other contests happen as well, and right now, there is a rather exciting one.

What more could you possibly ask for?  Combining great reading, a mystery, a contest and real gold with geocaching seems like every treasure hunters dream come true!

John Grisham is releasing a new book on October 23, “The Racketeer,” and to celebrate, has teamed up with Doubleday Publishing to release 5,000 golden Grisham geocoins across the nation.

The contest started on October 1,2012 and will run through December 15, 2012.

The rules: 

1) You must have a account.  Even a basic, free account makes you eligible to play.

2) “Like” John Grisham on Facebook.  You have to do this in order to enter your photo into the contest.

3) Either search for a JG trackable, or go here and ask them to send you one (only the first 5,000 who ask get one).  If you get a JG trackable, you are promising to send it out into the geocaching world.

And before you ask, hells yes I already sent off for mine!  (The link to send off for one seems to be gone, so I’m assuming all 5,000 have been claimed.) So far, only one geocoin has made it onto the list, so hopefully the rest will be showing up soon.

4) Take a picture of yourself with the JG Trackable doing something fun, original, and geocache-y and upload it to the Facebook page app.  Again, there is only one photo up on the Facebook page so far.  Lots of room to play here.

5) Upload as many DIFFERENT photos as you would like.  You can only submit each photo once, but you can submit as many different ones as you feel like.

6) Vote!  That’s right, you get to vote on your favorite photos.

According to the rules, “Winners will be chosen based on a number of factors, including originality, fun, cool-quotient, humor, outrageousness, and adorability!”

What are the prizes?

I’m SO glad you asked, you are getting really good at this reading my mind thing!

The Grand-Prize winner gets a signed copy of the new book, The Racketeer, AND a one-ounce bar of real gold! Yes, you heard that right, a ONE OUNCE bar of 999.9 pure real gold.

Ten runner-ups will get a signed copy of the new book, The Racketeer.

Sum it all up: you need a account, a Facebook account, a camera, a sense of fun and adventure, and to get out there geocaching!  You can’t find the geocoins if you aren’t out there looking, treasure hunters.

Keep reading, I’m going to tell you about other Promotional geocache contests and Challenges in an upcoming post. Lots of fun things going on in the Geocaching world right now, hope you will join in with me!

Happy Hunting and Peace out!

Image Credit: Vadim Georgiev / Shutterstock

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