September 12, 2012

Live Blog – Apple iPhone 5 Announcement Event

Welcome to redOrbit’s Apple iPhone 5 event live blog.  This page will provide you with up-to-date details about the latest device from Apple as the company announces it.  Keep your eyes peeled to this page as it refreshes itself every 30 seconds for new things to come that will assuredly blow your mind.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:47 a.m. (PST)

So, in closing.

iPhone 5 was announced, and it will be featuring a 4-inch screen, an improved camera, improved processor, and an annoying new dock connector.  Also, it will be the world’s thinnest smartphone.  It starts shipping next Friday, and pre-orders start this Friday.

Siri has gotten creepier with its integration, and ability to answer more questions, open apps, and set reservations.

iPod Nano is now more like a miniature iPod Touch, with Bluetooth integration and multi-touch.  Also, it comes in multiple colors, unlike the iPhone 5.

iPod Touch is now new and improved, and it will be featuring a rear iSight camera, a better processor, and multiple colors.

Lastly, Apple decided that your ears were worth saving, so it will be shipping new Apple earbuds with the Nano, iPod Touch and iPhone 5.

The prices are all the same, and the launch dates fall in line with previous Apple launch dates.  Here’s to a new iPhone, and for the rumors to now start circulating about an iPhone 5S, or iPhone 6.

Stay tuned to redorbit for the latest details on the new Apple iOS devices.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:39 a.m. (PST)

Cook is back on stage wrapping up the event.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:38 a.m. (PST)

The new Nanos will be available in October for $149.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:37 a.m. (PST)

Well, to answer your question Lee Rannals, yes, it will be shipping with the Nano, iPod Touch, and iPhone 5.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:36 a.m. (PST)

The new headphones are going to be a standalone accessory starting today.  Does that mean we won’t be seeing them with the new iPhones or iPods?

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:35 a.m. (PST)

Don’t you hate when your ears feel like someone has been holding pliers to them for 6 hours?  Me too, but apparently Apple has only until recently decided to fix that problem with the latest headphones.  These are suppose to be more comfortable.  About.  Freaking.  Time.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:34 a.m. (PST)

After probaby over a decade, Apple is finally updating it’s headphones.  They feature a more contour shape, rather than the straight circle.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:33 a.m. (PST)

Oh yea, forgot to mention Apple was going to be announcing a new set of headphones.  Well, here it is, a new set of headphones.  I guess the iPad Mini announcement will have to wait until people start to wish their iPads had a smaller screen.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:32 a.m. (PST)

“Oh no they didn’t!” – iPhone 5 says to iPod Touch after Apple announced it will be coming in multiple colors as well.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:31 a.m. (PST)

Also, the iPod Touch will be featuring Siri integration.  I promise, no more making fun of the iPod Touch any more.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:30 a.m. (PST)

iPod Touch will also be doing iOS 6, and will be doing AirPlay mirroring.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:30 a.m. (PST)

Oh Snap!  iPod Touch just got a one-up on the iPhone 5.  The latest iPod Touch will be featuring, *drum roll please*, a loop!  So you can strap it around your wrist!

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:28 a.m. (PST)

The iPod Touch is getting an iSight camera?  For the first time?  I guess me and my current iPhone didn’t really care too much about the iPod Touch.

It’s a 5 megapixel camera, Sapphire cyrstal lens, autofocus and an LED flash.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:26 a.m. (PST)

There will be 40 hours of playing on the iPod Touch, and 8 hours of video playback.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:25 a.m. (PST)

Now, Apple is showing off another video to the crowd.  Honestly, I know its good flare and all, but do we care about that?  I want to get to all the hardware improvements.  Show me my flexible iPhone 6 watch already.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:24 a.m. (PST)

Michael Harper and I both speculate that Apple may be leaving plenty of time for an iPad Mini announcement.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:23 a.m. (PST)

The toy iPhone 5, I mean the iPod Touch is going to have a 4-inch screen like it’s daddy’s device, and an A5 processor.  Looks like an iPod Touch version of the iPhone 5.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:22 a.m. (PST)

Surprise, surprise.  The new iPod Touch is going to be thinner, just like the iPhone 5 is.  I bet we see quite a few similarities between the two…

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:21 a.m. (PST)

Also, they are updating the iPod Touch.  Who saw that coming?  Me.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:20 a.m. (PST)

30 hours of battery life, and also the Nano will feature Bluetooth technology, so you can wireless stream music from it.  Downside?  You can’t wear this bad boy as a watch.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:20 a.m. (PST)

Cute was the first word that comes to mind when I saw Apple planted its logo on the back of the tiny iPod Nano.  Does that make me less of a tech-blogger?

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:20 a.m. (PST)

The Nanos are getting a Home button as well, and will be coming in multi-colors.  “How come the Nanos get Multicolors,” iPhone 5 said.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:19 a.m (PST)

The nano is now multi-touch, and has the largest screen of any of the past generation iPod Nanos.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:17 a.m. (PST)

Latest Nano features: lightning connector, it’s 40 percent thinner, and it looks like a shrunken iPhone 5.  It’s not longer square, but back to the more vertical shape.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:16 a.m. (PST)

Nano is reinvented.  And, it looks like all the iPods are going to be getting that iPhone 5 lightning connector.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:15 a.m. (PST)

Now, the moment everyone has been waiting for… Well, since waiting after the iPhone 5 announcement.  Let’s talk new iPods, because we all know it’s necessary to have both an iPhone AND an iPod.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:14 a.m. (PST)

They keep talking about a redesigned store, better interface.  However, so far, no Apple radio agreement.  Also, where is my update to iTunes Match?  I either need a serious update, or a refund because iTunes Match sucks.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:12 a.m (PST)

I guess essentially “Up Next” is if you are inside a playlist, you can que up a song to interrupt it, and then continue the playlist after it.  Makes you like a D.J. within your own iTunes.  I would say this is pretty cool, but for $10 a month I can play any song I want to for free with Spotify.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:11 a.m. (PST)

“Up Next” is a new feature in iTunes allowing you to manipulate what songs will be playing in the future.  I’m failing to see the distinction between this and a play list.  Guess I will have to read Michael Harper’s article on redOrbit’s main site and find out for myself.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:09 a.m. (PST)

Sorry I am not giving very much information about iTunes.  Until they found a way for it to stop slowing down my computer, and a way for free Spotify-type radio play, then I am not interested.  If there is anything other than modest improvements to the interface I will let you know.  Otherwise, it looks like we should’ve just gone ahead and had an artist play a song.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:08 a.m. (PST)

There is a demonstration going on right now showing the latest iTunes improvements.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:05 a.m. (PST)

Now they are telling everyone about a new, simpler iTunes desktop, with iCloud integration.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:04 a.m. (PST)

Still talking about iTunes updates.  Adding Facebook integration, and adding improvements over the iOS devices as well.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:03 a.m. (PST)

Curveball!  Looks like it’s an “one more thing” announcement.  Going to get the latest info about the upcoming iPods today afterall.  Now they are talking about new iTunes.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:02 a.m. (PST)

Cook is back on stage, and he is pulling another Steve Job’s trick out of his hat by talking about the importance of music at Apple.  Most likely, he is about to introduce a musical artist to wrap things up.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:01 a.m. (PST)

Pre-orders start Friday, ship one week later.  This is typical Apple schedule, meaning you will be able to buy in store September 21.  Go grab your camping gear and stove.

Update 09/13/2012 – 11:00 a.m. (PST)

Looks like the prices are the same.  $199 for 16 gigabyte iPhone 5, iPhone 4S is going to be $99.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:59 a.m. (PST)

P.S. I did get a picture of the moose in the process.  So not all was lost.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:57 a.m. (PST)

So to fill the blank space in, I dropped my iPhone in a river last year.  After putting it in a bag of rice for five days, it was revived.  I was chasing a moose in the woods.  The light on the back never turns off now, and the battery dies just a few hours after charging it.  Needless to say, I’m excited about the iPhone 5.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:56 a.m. (PST)

Video is still playing for all the attendees.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:55 a.m. (PST)

Now, we are awaiting Apple to still give us the cost, launch date, and pre-order date.  Also, will they be dropping the price of the 4S to $99?  We will find out shortly.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:54 a.m. (PST)

With only the iPhone 5 being announced at this event, I do believe this means we are in for another Apple treat in the coming months with iPod announcements, and possibly an iPad Mini, who knows.  Well, Cook probably does.  Also Schiller and Forstall, and all the engineers at Apple.  But other than them.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:53 a.m. (PST)

They are now showing a video to all the event attendees about the latest iPhone 5.  Up next:  iPad Mini.  Just kidding…

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:52 a.m. (PST)

Looks like we aren’t having any crazy changes to colors here.  Just when I thought Apple was going to go rainbow on us, they decided to stick with the traditional white and black iPhones.  However, this time it features an aluminum back.  Going retro 1st generation iPhone on us.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:51 a.m. (PST)

The journalist are now saying the iOS 6 demo is over, and Phil is back on stage.  Let’s keep those fingers cross for a translucent iPhone that is flexible.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:50 a.m. (PST)

Siri is also getting Facebook friendly.  You will be able to post straight from your iPhone 5, right to your Facebook wall about the latest gossip via Siri.  Let’s hope Siri likes Beiber and the Kardashians as much as you do.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:49 a.m. (PST)

Siri can now make movie recommendations, and also dinner reservations.  Talk about the ultimate date night assistant.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:48 a.m. (PST)

Uh Oh!  Fellow redOrbit employee Michael Harper is going to love this Siri update.   Apparently Siri can answer sports questions, and you can now launch apps by talking to your phone.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:47 a.m. (PST)

Forstall is telling the atendees about “Passbook,” which is an app to keep up with all your travel needs like airline tickets and movie tickets.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:46 a.m. (PST)

We are a lot of Twitter / Facebook integration, as well as more iCloud integration.  Not every detail will be made available on this iPhone 5 live blog, but check out redOrbit’s main website in a little while for a detailed article written by Michael Harper about the new Apple iOS device.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:45 a.m. (PST)

It looks like we essentially got a Google Earth integration to Maps as well.  Allowing us to have “flyovers” of cities we are viewing.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:44 a.m. (PST)

Turn-by-turn navigation will be made available.  Finally, Apple is playing in the big leagues with GPS.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:43 a.m. (PST)

Well, it looks like all the big hardware improvements are done for.  Now Scott Forstall is taking the stage to address all the event attendees about the iOS 6 improvements.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:42 a.m. (PST)

Don’t worry though!  Just when you thought “I hate Apple” because you just recently purchased a new music player, now we have yet another accessory to buy.  However, this one makes all your old 30-pin accessories usable again.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:41 a.m. (PST)

The new dock connector features: reversible connection, 80 percent smaller, more durable, is all digital, and is an 8-signal design.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:40 a.m. (PST)

So what do we call this 30-pin dock connector killer?  Nothing could be more appropriate than “lightning.”  This goes well with Apple’s already “thunderbolt” connections on its Mac computers.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:39 a.m. (PST)

In order to soften the blow, Phil is telling everyone about how the future is connecting things over Bluetooth and WiFi.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:38 a.m. (PST)

And now, the bad news.  Remember all those accessories you have collected over the years?  Yea, they are now archaic with the latest iPhone 5 dock connector.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:37 a.m. (PST)

“Can you hear me now?  Well I can hear you fine with my new iPhone 5.”  a.k.a., Apple is improving the earpiece for the latest smartphone.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:36 a.m. (PST)

Apple has effectively killed the flip cams.  Why carry two high definition cameras in your pocket?  The iPhone 5 will be featuring improved video stabilization and 1080p HD video.  As well as face detection, and also taking photos while your video taping.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:35 a.m. (PST)

The new iPhone will also feature a “panorama” function, meaning you can forget all those crappy apps you’ve downloaded.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:34 a.m. (PST)

Phil just showed everyone a Macro photography photo.  Uh oh!  Better sell those Canon Rebels and get you an iPhone 5 if you want to start taking professional photos.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:33 a.m. (PST)

I think Canon just shivered.  Apple is telling everyone about the new noise filter in the camera.  Apple never use to spend this much time on a camera, but I guess the company is learning about popular it is.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:32 a.m. (PST)

Another good camera improvement for all you redOrbit readers on the iPhone 5 is the hybrid IR filter.  This will be great if you wanna get into some smartphone astrophotography.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:31 a.m. (PST)

The new camera is slightly smaller, and is better at picking up light.  Essentially, this means you will be able to use your flash less often.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:30 a.m. (PST)

So they decided to update an already awesome camera.  Phil is telling everyone at the event that the latest camera is a modest improvement, with a better sensor.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:29 a.m. (PST)

Moment over, now on to the new battery life improvement.  10 hours of Wi-Fi, 10 hours of video, 40 hours of music, 225 hours of standby.  WOAH!

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:28 a.m. (PST)

Oh yea, it only seems appropriate to mention this is the first iPhone event without Steve Jobs on this planet.  Moment of 30 second refresh for the Godfather of smartphones.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:27 a.m. (PST)

So far we have twice as fast, a half inch bigger screen, and a thinner phone.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:26 a.m. (PST)

Schiller is showing off some video games now, a typically Apple move during events like these.  Here’s hoping for an improved camera.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:25 a.m. (PST)

I think we are running into Moore’s law here, Apple says the A6 processor is only twice as fast as the A5 in both speed and graphics.  The last update was around 7x faster I believe.  With this pace, the next iPhone will be just 1x faster.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:24 a.m. (PST)

There is network improvement with LTE, but also better WiFi improvement as well.  And now we have a new processor to go with it.  Meaning, faster is always better.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:23 a.m. (PST)

Schiller says there is a theoretical maximum download of 100 mpbs… Say what?

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:22 a.m. (PST)

LTE has officially landed!

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:22 a.m. (PST)

The screen will have a sharper image, and less glare than the 4S.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:21 a.m. (PST)

They are really giving everyone at the event a good idea of what the apps are capable of with this new screen.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:20 a.m. (PST)

The additional screen size also allows more room for better “landscape” modes, as well as gives developers more room to work with for apps.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:19 a.m. (PST)

With the added screen, there is now room for a 5th row of Apps on the home screen.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:18 a.m. (PST)

The iPhone 5 features a 4-inch screen with 1136×640 resolution.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:17 a.m. (PST)

Thinner than the 4S!  That’s a big perk.  As Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother wouldn’t say “Thinner is always better.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:16 a.m. (PST)

The new device is made entirely of aluminum and glass.  Is “world’s thinnest smartphone” and 20 percent lighter than the 4S.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:15 a.m. (PST)

As predicted, the latest iPhone device from Apple has a taller screen.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:13 a.m. (PST)

The iPhone 5 has officially been announced!

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:12 a.m. (PST)

Phil Schiller is now on stage to take us to the next iPhone generation level.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:12 a.m. (PST)

Wow!   Cook just told all the journalist at the event that Apple sold its 400th million iOS device last quarter.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:11 a.m. (PST)

As predicted below, Cook is talking about the App Store now.  Next up, iPhone statistics!  Then, the iPhone 5!

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:10 a.m. (PST)

Could it be that with all this iPad talk we may get a “one more thing “out of Apple today?  Possibly an iPad Mini?   I’m guessing not… But with Apple, you never know.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:09 a.m. (PST)

Cook just told everyone at the event that the iPad has a 68 percent market share now, but the devices account for 91 percent of all tablet web traffic.  I guess everyone that doesn’t have an iPad do not enjoy surfing the web nearly as much.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:08 a.m. (PST)

By the way, something you won’t hear Cook talking about at the event, but you will read me say here on redOrbit is that Apple stock is currently up at $664 per share.

Update 09 /13/2012 – 10:07 a.m. (PST)

Cook is still letting everyone know how awesome Apple is at the event, such as selling 17 million iPads last quarter.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:06 a.m. (PST)

Now, Cook is telling everyone at the event about the latest Mountain Lion downloads.  He said that so far, there have been 7 million copies sold.  It is the fastest selling operating system of all time.  Go Apple!  However, less talk, more iPhone please.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:05 a.m. (PST)

Cook is still stroking the retail stores button for everyone.  Apparently he really wants everyone to keep going to the mall and checking out that clear-glassed store.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:04 a.m. (PST)

In talking over iMessage, yes we really are that Apple branded, fellow redorbit Michael Harper and I are wondering if Apple will be touting this latest device as “4G” or not, considering an update last year made “LTE” appear in some cities instead of 3G.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:02 a.m. (PST)

Cook is giving everyone the usual spill at the event, letting everyone know some updates about how awesome Apple has been lately, and how well its retail stores are doing.  Next up, I’m sure we will have iTunes, App Store and iPhone numbers to see.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:01 a.m. (PST)

Tim Cook has now taken the stage at the event.

Update 09/13/2012 – 10:00 a.m. (PST)

Let’s get this iPhone 5 (or new iPhone) live blog party started!

Update 09/13/2012 – 9:58 a.m. (PST)

T-minus two minutes until the start of the event, and I’m curious if Apple will stick to a traditional iPhone 5 format, or will be moving to the “New iPhone” like it did to the iPad… guess all will be clearer in moments from now.

Update 09/13/2012 – 9:55 a.m. (PST)

Idea for the newest iPhone 5 advertisements: “Is it just me or do your pockets look bigger?”  “No, I just got the latest iPhone 5 in my pocket.”

Update 09/13/2012 – 9:50 a.m. (PST)

Hoping for that dream update to the iPhone 5?  Well until this live event gets started, check out another post by Michael Harper about his wishlist for the upcoming device.

“What will this surprise be? NFC would have been nice, maybe a strong push towards Passbook or AirPlay? A streaming service? A new Siri which actually works from time to time? I have no idea, but I hope Apple does. I’ll be cautiously optimistic when Cook takes the stage on Wednesday.”



Update 09/13/2012 – 9:43 a.m. (PST)

It is less than twenty minutes until Apple announces the latest iPhone 5 device.  For your reading pleasure, and until Tim Cook takes the stage, here is an excerpt from the latest article written by redOrbit’s own Michael Harper about the upcoming event.

What began as speculation has solidified into expectation. As we head into the final hours before this phone is finally revealed, we more or less know exactly what it will look like – that is, barring the possibility of a wild-card move by Tim Cook and his crew. http://s.tt/1n61K

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