Living Beyond Fantasy (Part 2)
June 16, 2013

Living Beyond Fantasy (Part 2)

Be sure to read Part 1

With a path laid out before them, the characters made their way inside the crystal structure. Ahead of them stood a massive statue depicting an armor-clad Sylvain kneeling, halberd in hand, and two majestic wings extending from his back. Seeing this, there was no further doubt in their minds that this was a Sylvain ruin, though the angelic features were something of a mystery. Two corridors extended out from this one, one going left, the other right. The party chose to investigate the right-most passage first, though the masked mystic, Dustin, thought otherwise and chose to break off from the group and venture through the more open left passage.

Now, there is a saying among gamers; “You never split the party.” Why? Many reasons. One is trust, as players do not always trust each other to be completely honest with what treasure they find. Many a rogue has stumbled across treasure piles, then returned to the group claimed to have found nothing or a small percentage of what they truly found. Another reason, a much more practical reason in my opinion, is because it weakens the group overall. What would happen to Dustin if he stumbled across hidden danger without the others there to help him?

Fortunately, this issue solved itself. All that Dustin found was a series of fountains that seemed to create water out of thin air. Beyond this, he found more doors like the one they used to gain entry into the crystal temple, and without the psionic abilities of Issac, he could proceed no further. Somewhat dismayed, Dustin opted to rejoin the others, albeit at a distance so they did not realize he was following after them.

Thanks to Issac, the others were able to proceed through the right path with little trouble. It took Issac a few tries to become comfortable with opening these strange doors, but they boy managed. Eventually, they found themselves in a room in which a strange curtain of light blocked their passage. After some debate on what they should do, they opted to see if the curtain offered any resistance. It did not, nor did it seem to have any effect on them whatsoever. Of course, this proved more unnerving for the players than anything else, as they knew that surely this light curtain must do something.

Immediately beyond the light curtain, they found themselves in a room with a number of Sylvain statues depicting warriors, much like the one found just inside, but without angelic wings and not kneeling. As the characters proceeded in, the statues animated and attacked them. This was the first major battle of the game, and it proved somewhat difficult, as these clay warriors were skilled combatants and fought without any concern for fatigue or injury. Fighting against groups is never easy, and this was no exception. Dustin, who reappeared to help them, was badly hurt in the battle and only saved thanks to the magic of his own faerie companion. Issac found his psychic abilities to be of little help against these adversaries. Edgard’s magic fared little better, but his sword, Tiny’s hammer, and Duncan’s pistols eventually won them the day.

After a brief respite, the group continued on. They found themselves in a camber with two large pillars set upon what appeared to be some form of altar. Curious, the group investigated the pillars, and found that they could both be spun. After some trial and error, the group found that spinning both pillars in the same direction in unison, at the same speed, provided them with the answer as to what this place was, as the two stone pillars lifted themselves from their bases and formed between them a screen of light that told them a tale, with images rolling across the light screen much like pictures on a scroll.

Image Credit: IOSIF CHEZAN / Shutterstock

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