Living Beyond Fantasy (Part 3)
June 17, 2013

Living Beyond Fantasy (Part 3)

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The magical stone scroll told the characters a tale of a time long past. They saw a man adorned in black armor. Edgard, a student of history, recognized that armor as belonging to Rah Sith, heir of Iscariot Sith, and the man who plunged Gaia into war many centuries ago. They saw him command a giant dragon to rain destruction down upon the land far to the north. That dragon terrorized many towns and villages and did battle with the elves that lived there. Finally, as the war drew to a close and Rah’s machine was activated, sealing the magic of the world away, the dragon fell into a deep sleep, but not before passing the last of its magic into its massive hoard of treasure, thus allowing it to keep a portion of its power intact. As they watched, they saw a Sylvain king and queen construct this very crystal temple, dedicated to a goddess of light, over the dragon’s lair to imprison it, should it ever awaken. This feat took the last of their own magic, along with the energies of their remaining people. A number of Sylvain were shown to lay upon stone tables and allow a light to pass from their bodies into the crystal walls. The last thing the group saw was the image of a small child, no more than a babe, the son of the elven king and queen, set upon such a table. Then, the scroll fades and the two stone pillars set themselves back upon the alter.

With nothing more to learn in this room, the characters move on. They find a small medallion, guarded by more of those stone warriors, and with it they are able to open the doors in this temple without Issac having to rely on his psychic powers. Welcome news considering the toll Issac’s powers were starting to take on him. Able to go no further in this direction, the characters returned to where Dustin had previously separated from them and explored the chambers beyond. Thanks to the medallion, they were able to traverse the temple much more easily.

As they explored, they saw murals and carvings of angelic figures, much akin to Christian belief, which was found strange. Edgard began postulating that the Sylvain might have worshiped beings similar to the angels rather than a single god, but there was little he could find to prove his hypothesis. They found a room filled with strange symbols, one half of which radiated with light magic, the other which radiated darkness. As the Sylvain were known to be beings of light, the dark magic was a confusing find. However, it was discovered that the medallion they found reacted to these symbols, and using it they were able to access a previously inaccessible area of the temple.

Inside, they found the bodies of many dead Sylvain. They were all as dust, yet they remained perfectly intact. It was believed that the elves nigh immortality might be partially the cause of this, but it wasn’t known for certain. Yet, just beyond the many dead, they found one alive. The Sylvain prince, the babe from the scrolls, yet lived though he had grown somewhat. He was no longer a babe, but a young boy. What’s more, he was waking up.

The child was scared and confused at first, but Issac, who was of a similar age, was able to calm him down. The child did not speak Latin (the most practiced language of Gaia) but did speak an ancient dialect of it, which Edgard was somewhat familiar with. This allowed them to have at least a basic means of communication. The child’s name, as he knew it, was Lethran’vathall, to which he was immediately given the nickname “Vath.” Not knowing what else to do, they took Vath with them as they continued on.

What awaited them beyond that room, however, was a challenge none of them were ready for.

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