Living Beyond Fantasy (Part 4)
June 18, 2013

Living Beyond Fantasy (Part 4)

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Upon opening the next great portal using the magical amulet they had found, the heroes found themselves in a massive chamber filled with strange writing. In the center stood a great stone colossus, armed with twin curved blades, each as large as a fully grown man. Wary, they ventured in and asked their newest companion, the boy Vath, to translate the writing for them. As the young elven boy began reading the text, the colossus animated and attacked. Unlike the stone warriors faced before, this one possessed inhuman strength and resilience to harm. It attacked like a storm, raining powerful blows capable of sundering steel down upon them.

Their foe seemed nearly indestructible. Dustin’s beast-like claws did little damage to the creature, nor did Edgard’s enchanted blade. Duncan’s pistols fared little better, though each blast was enough to send chips of stone flying from its body. Issac focused all of his psychic energy into a single, powerful attack that would have surely slain any normal foe. Unfortunately, this creature shrugged off much of the blast and remained greatly unhindered. Issac, however, left himself close to death from the massive expenditure of power. Of all of them, Tiny and his not-so-tiny hammer proved the greatest weapon against the monster, but unfortunately this beast was not without intellect and with a vicious series of blows left the giant man in a pool of his own blood, alive but only just.

After a long, hard-fought battle, the characters were at last able to bring the creature low. After which, thanks to Vath’s translation of the ancient text, they learned that it had animated only to protect Vath, having thought the others were holding him prisoner. As Vath worked to translate the rest, the characters took a rest in order to tend to their wounds and recover their strength. When they were again ready to move on, Vath told them what he had learned. This was the writing of the Sylvain King, Vath’s father, detailing the construction of this crystal temple using the last of his own magics. It spoke of seven seals and a guardian set to act as a final deterrent should the dragon, Ro’Tagg Moloch, awaken. The characters feared that they had just slain the guardian the text spoke of. Vath assured them that this was not so.

Moving on, the characters wondered through a maze-like corridor that clouded their senses the longer they were within. Beyond this, they found a room with another angelic looking statue. This one, like the first, did not animate or attack them. Vath tells them that these are conduits to the “Maiden of Glory,” who will send her servants should darkness invade. A ways on, they find the guardian spoken of in the writings of Vath’s father; a great being with the face of a beautiful woman, surrounded by seven wings and ten swords all circling around it, a Seraphim Protestas, greatest of the so-called angels. This being was god-like in its majesty and power, yet even it could only hold back Ro’Tagg Moloch for a short time.

The characters were then set upon by strange, shadow-like beings that seemed intent on Edgard’s life. They tried fighting them off, but met with little success. These things seemed immune to all attacks set against them. Finally, Duncan drew his pistol and shot the angelic statue in the other room. Moments later, and angel did appear and surge forward. Sensing the creatures of darkness, she slew them all before returning to her slumber, though she did glare at Duncan for awakening her in in such a rude manner.

The end of this crystal temple was in sight, as before them now stood a stairwell leading into the lower reaches. Wary of what they might find, and wounded from the Shadow’s attack, they proceeded with caution.

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