Logitech Will Still Support PC
March 25, 2013

Logitech Will Still Support PC

Many PC gamers and obnoxiously-loud speaker lovers will be delighted to know that Logitech, the gaming and computer peripheral manufacturer will still support PC accessories.

This news comes as a relief in a recent announcement that they would no longer be supporting gaming peripherals on consoles as a result of low profits and high production costs during Q3 of fiscal 2013. They reported a 14 percent, or $195 million, loss as a result of their focus on console accessories. This isn’t very surprising, given that Logitech is most renowned for keyboard, mice, and headphone accessories for online gaming, which are most prevalent on the PC. The greater bulk of Logitech’s product lineup for consoles included that of replica joysticks and steering wheels to provide a more interpersonal experience with driving and flight simulators.

These accessories haven’t been much of a hot note on hardware that sees mostly casual gamers using joysticks. That observation is evident, given the implication that console gamers generally don’t make the transition to PC gaming unless they’re prepared for a more hands-on experience with modding and file management (in some cases).

With the announcement of their jumping off the figurative ship of console hardware, Logitech has also announced that they are releasing a few new pieces of hardware for the PC; including new keyboards, mice, and, of course, gaming headsets.

As I ponder Logitech’s strategy, the subject of gaming experience weighs on my mind. For starters, console gamers don’t get the same experience that PC gamers get on a daily (or weekly basis). This is evident when we view the amount of modding that is both legal and vast on the PC platform. Skyrim fans on PS3, if there are any still, will never get to experience the technical aspects of ENB graphics arena mods that the community continuously squeezes out every month. For console gamers, these experiences are illegal and impossible to have.

But that is just an observation on single player experience. What can be said about the multiplayer options of console gamers in comparison to PC gamers?

For starters

The implication of skill and speed is an experiment that I’ve always wanted to see for myself. What would the outcome be if we were to pit a PC BF3 gamer against a console BF3 gamer? The option difference between the keyboard and mouse and joystick is unquestionable, with the keyboard clearly having dozens more options of controls to be mapped to each key. Not only this, but the sensitivity and ease of using a mouse compared to using a joystick is obvious.

I first observed this when I made my transition to gaming on the PC. A small issue with Windows 7 (of which I’m still not sure what it was) prevented my controller from reading the right controls and keys that were mapped in the game’s settings. Because of this, I was forced to play Battlefield 3 solely through keyboard and mouse, a hindrance that spelled much more precise headshots and reaction time than I imagined.

Put simply, I found much more skill and ease of use in keyboard and mouse than with a joystick, which saw me screaming in bitter frustration while using my thumbs.

Let me know what you think of Logitech’s strategy in the comments below.

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