Luck Or Coincidence: Unbelievable Fortune
March 17, 2014

Luck Or Coincidence: Unbelievable Fortune

In the world of unexplained phenomenon, there is an existence called destiny. More commonly known as luck, or is it a coincidence. Either way, technically it can’t be touched, felt or even seen. However, it causes events that are part of our experiences we face every day. There are many times in our daily life where this phenomenon is not even noticed, but it still exists.

The old saying that every thing happens for a reason is also part of the daily occurrence of fate. Anyone can look back through their life and can probably recall hundreds of accounts where they thought it was either luck or a coincidence. Although, it may just have been that unseen force called destiny.

This phenomenon can come in many forms. From finding a $20 bill on the sidewalk when you’re short on cash to a stranger lending a hand when you’re in need. It may also come as a voice in your head telling you to do or not to do something. Which could be life changing or life saving, however it is looked at.

Many times when this is discussed, the first response is “that was lucky” or “what a coincidence.” But that little twist of fate could be what was supposed to happen at that particular time in your walk through life.

We all pass most of these experiences off without a second thought. However, there are some that just seem too far-fetched to just be luck or coincidence.

One particular day I was at the grocery store with a total of $16 in cash and a small list of things needed. Well, needless to say with the cost of food nowadays, I was standing with my cart near the checkout with only a few items from the list, (the most needed). Suddenly, over the intercom, the store manager says with an anxious voice, “please leave your carts where they are and evacuate the store immediately.”

As I was leaving the store, I overheard one of the employees say there was a “very disgusting smell originating from the stockroom.” In the aftermath of the event, nothing was found wrong that could have created the problem. They wouldn’t let anyone back in the store, so I left.

We lived only a couple of miles from the store, so I decided to just go home and go back to the store the next day and get the items on the list.

The next day I returned to the store and, to my surprise, I began to gather up the same products as the day before, the difference being that every one was on sale. I was able to complete my list fully with a few dollars left over.

Most would call it luck or a coincidence. What would you call it?

This is just one of many experiences I have had in my life that would fall under the twist of fate phenomenon. I could have called it luck or a coincidence, but just said everything happens for a reason.

In your daily walk through life, keep an extra eye out for that unseen phenomenon.

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