Luxo Jr.’s NSA Sentiment
July 20, 2013

Luxo Jr.’s NSA Sentiment

Our American government’s reputation amongst modern Americans and (dare I say) gamers isn’t boding so well. Apart from gamers, technology dorks and middle-aged soccer moms are also pissed off at the NSA’s sketchy business practices, including data coverage deals with big businesses for stronger surveillance against terrorism amongst other things. I can’t say for sure what the motives behind the NSA’s actions are, but what I can say is that Pixar, the 3D animation moguls of tomorrow’s past, have given their opinion on recent developments with the Red, White and Blue.

It’s a 23-second animation.

Cliché of Pixar to say the least, but it does shine some light on what one of the industry’s most famous digital animation companies has to say. Remember cute and cuddly Luxo Jr. from Pixar’s first short film? Our favorite desktop cordless lamp has made another debut off screen, only this time he’s not toting any adorable sentiments for your kids.

No, instead Luxo Jr. is committing to his average everyday matter reduction duties on top of a carbon copied version of America’s USA initials. The initials are about as plain as it can get, and Luxo hasn’t lost any weight since his 1986 debut in Lexo Jr., a cute little 2 minute short film showcasing a young Pixar’s animation capabilities. Instead, after crushing the ‘U’ in USA, an ‘N’ makes its way in the U’s place. So, instead of reading USA, the new template reads ‘NSA’.


Surprise! The NSA template immediately loses its heavenly blue aura and transforms into an all seeing red eye (resembling the Xbox One Kinect 2.0), scanning aimlessly across the scream for any naysayers and wrong doers. Clearly the boys and girls at Pixar have some strong feelings towards the U.S. government’s policies, but are they really the only media company with a chip on their shoulder?

The French based gaming company Ubisoft has been made publicly famous for their dedication and direction to always develop multiple long going franchises to maximize profits. Its brute honesty, but I can definitely jump on board with what they’re doing. Their latest IP Watch Dogs promises to arm players with the power of data-one of the most unique atmospheric approaches to any open world free roam in the past ten years of game development.

Even more controversial is their timing. Watch Dogs gives us a glimpse into the future of a world where data is open source and secrets don’t exist anymore. You may choose to chase down vigilantes in the streets with your cute little 9mm, or you can sit for hours in a cyber café reading the background checks on millions of NPC’s in game. The choice is yours.

Like Pixar, Ubisoft aims to not only provide a visually perplexing experience, but they also hope to speak to the masses about how they feel about spying. Pixar chooses to keep their adorably American sentiments, and French developer Ubisoft hopes to give the simulation to people in general.

How do you feel about Pixar’s recent return of the lovable Luxo Jr. for an NSA public service announcement?

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