Magic:  An Expensive Habit
July 3, 2013

Magic: An Expensive Habit

People are not kidding when they say history repeats itself. In this case, history has made a comeback and is more expensive than ever before.

Magic the Gathering, a two and/or multiplayer card game, has returned to the lives of many people recently. It had a strong impression in the lives of many children and teens across the globe a few years ago, then, like everything else, it died down for a bit as the kids that played it become either too old or busy to play. As we all know, however, trends tend to cycle around and people are once again getting together in groups all around to play this game.

So, as the demand gets bigger, so do the profits from these cards. I enjoy playing Magic myself with my roommate and a couple of my really close friends. So, while I was trying to build a new deck, I decided to go online to look up some special cards that are pretty hard to find in stores. While I was online I came across an old card named Black Lotus. This card is one of the first Magic card sets ever printed. The affect of the card is really not that extraordinary, but its antiqueness puts it at a whooping three thousand dollar value. Obviously, most kids that play Magic won’t be purchasing these antique cards, but collectors around the world have made it a hobby to collect the full sets from years ago. This rise in demand for the older versions of cards makes the value of these pieces of cardboard sky high compared to their original price.

An average good card for the current set will cost you from about one dollar to 15 dollars a pop. But, let that card sit for a while, as long as it stays in good condition, and a few years down the road that same card could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. That fact just makes me wonder how much cards from the original sets will be worth then. If they are already reaching a thousand dollars in value, could an old piece of cardboard be worth say a car or a house in the future? Time will only tell. In the mean time, I plan to enjoy my Magic matches with my buddies and store some cards to possibly cash in the future.

Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast

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