November 18, 2012

Man-Attracting Nasal Apray?

And you thought Victoria’s Secret had the best perfume…

I respect mankind (The man part) as one of the few species on this planet that can manage to ignore their hormonal desires to listen to their wives’ office story about Blah. I am one of the few, of course. But being a male means that even from the time of adolescence you are profiled as a hairy, sweaty, dim-witted block head looking for the next train ride home. In fact, all around the world men are chastised for their “Savage” behaviors in sexual tendencies.

Dogs, Pigs, Dirt bags-the list runs long for an arsenal of slanders that men hating humans can conjure.

Yes, you have animistic tendencies, but are you truly an animal? Are you devoid of your evolutionary merit that separates you from the next door neighbor’s poodle that won’t stop urinating in your rose bush outside? You think the poodle cares what anybody thinks of him when he’s doing his business?

The answer is maybe, for leading scientists in neurological studies have made the discovery of a nifty hormone inside of your hypothalamus that is the cause of motivational courage and will of trust in other people. It also helps us to form better social relationships-even encourages us to endure child birth!!! Its called oxytocin.



Where are they getting the names for these hormones?

If interested, you can view the article here. They seem to make a very interesting hypothesis about the hormones effect on a person’s ability to interact with people. However, their experiment on this hormone on a tested study with a group of men did not go as planned.

Before your mind sinks below the belt, allow me to elaborate.

These men-in-white-coats (See what I did there?) gathered a controlled group of young adults and injected each of them with oxytocin. Then, at no alert to the men’s knowledge, had a woman approach the men in a regular controlled environment. They expected the hormone to work drastically on the male’s ability to approach and speak to the woman, instead they did the exact opposite.

The opposite being that they avoided the woman altogether.

Can you believe it?!?! The last time a woman approached me anonymously with interest..

Okay, a woman has NEVER approached me with interest. If anything you should understand my opinion even more.

Scientists say that the hormone had no real effect on them particularly, but the distance that they put between themselves and the woman. Call me worrisome, but this looks really odd in my head. All test subjects reported that the woman was indeed attractive (Oh, thank god!!!). But their feelings towards her were more distanced then attracted.

What does this experiment say about humans when we make theories on ourselves that completely override science? Better yet: How much more complicated do you need to be to get a date on a Friday night?!

I know some of you ladies out there are wondering how you can get your hands on this nasal spray, but getting a guy to talk to you is very simple.

Allow me to explain: JUST SAY HI!!!!

It really is that easy.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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