November 28, 2012

Mann Vs Machine Day 1: Scout

For a week or so things have been really slow at work, so my boss decided that it would be nice for all of the employees to get together and just relax. During our downtime after a few ideas were pushed around finally our general consensus was two things. Firstly, we’d be playing Mann Vs. Machine; secondly I’d be playing through every mission as every class and make a report on what I used and how I selected it. First up at the bat (no pun intended) was the scout. Finally I’d like to point out that yes, everyone plays differently and this isn’t solid fact; this is just my perspective of gameplay.

Firstly the job of the scout in MvM is mainly to grab the cash and provide effective cannon fodder. The only upgrades I can truly justify spending my credits on would be health on kill, no explanation needed; and movement speed increase. Alternatively if your actually playing scout to be an effective member to the team I would recommend buying every resistance and movement upgrade you can get your hands on, with priority to any health related upgrades over anything else. Once you feel that you’re actually contributing to the team or comfortable enough with your abilities, and then start upgrading your weapons based on your own gameplay.

I started on Mannworks using the Force-A-Nature over the standard Scattergun, having figured that the knockback would be useful in driving the bomb carrier back. For the most part this works except the fact you rarely can get close enough to use the knockback effect. (This is another reason to purchase the health upgrades first) Another fault that it has is whenever you do close enough to use it, chances are your going to get either blasted in the air and become a dropping target or when you do land you’ll have lost all momentum and then your just a sitting duck. If your actually wanted to contribute to the team I’d recommend using the Soda popper and just purchasing the canteen Ubercharge regardless of whether you have a medic or not. You won’t lose momentum and you can streamline crits out the longer your alive.

About half way through the mission and about thirty-seven deaths later I wanted to change things up, so I wanted to look at the secondary weapons and see what I could change. While I can see using any of the pistols if your running away, if your running away your probably not going to live much longer to use it. If your using the Soda Popper you don’t need the Crit-A-Cola, and chances are you won’t need to use the Bonk! Atomic Punch. This leaves you with The Flying Guillotine and the Mad Milk. The Flying Guillotine could be useful for quick hits and putting bleeds on the enemy support, but in reality unless your aim is good while moving it probably won’t do you much good. So in total perspective, I used and recommend using the Mad Milk, the upgrades keep it effective and at worst case you can use it to put out the fires.

Another aspect you need to consider is your melee weapon, although chances are you may not have another weapon. Seeing as the only alternative melee weapon I have is the Sandman, I can’t speak well of others. What I can say is that the stun ball helps tremendously in quick getaways and stunning medics ready to Uber the bomb carrier. However, the ball can only be used once and the recharge time doesn’t help any. Overall I would say playing the scout doesn’t help any more than any other class, but still can be very fun.

Image Credit: Team Fortress 2

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