January 3, 2013

Man’s Best Friend Loves Man’s Baby

I have a Great Pyrenees, which is a really big, white dog. They are herders by nature thus are great farm dogs. I do not live on a farm, but I love this breed of dog. They are big and intimidating, so I always feel safe; however, unless I am in danger, my Great Pyrenees is a peach. He is calm and affectionate, does not lick, and is simply the best behaved dog ever.

That herding nature in him has not left; it has just been placed onto humans, specifically geriatrics and toddlers. Whenever my grandma or a young niece or nephew comes around, my dog follows them, protecting them from any sort of danger in the house. It is really quite adorable. He is so gentle and kind with both groups. He just wants to protect them. I thought that was probably the cutest pup trick ever. I was wrong.

As I perusing the web yesterday, I came across a dog video that trumps even my little herder’s attempts to herd my family, young and old. On the Huffington Post Good News page, I came across a video that has apparently gone viral on the web. For one minute and forty-four seconds, viewers see how one Great Dane cuddles and loves on a baby. It is simply precious.

The Great Dane is easily ten times the size of the cute baby, but all it wants to do is snuggle up to the little guy and give him kisses. In the beginning of the video, it almost seems like the Great Dane is trying to be a pillow for the baby. He snuggles up close so the baby can easily lay his head on the dog’s neck. And it only gets better from there.

Okay, so even writing about this may make me a sap, but I think that I can get away with it this time of year. Our dogs are so important to our lives. They provide us with safety and protection, but more importantly they provide us with love. Even when we are too young to understand, they love on us.

What I just can’t stop thinking about in this video is how lucky we are to be able to share moments like this with all of cyberspace. Yes, we also must deal with the terribly sad moments, but the heart-warming moments like watching a 200 pound dog kiss on and cuddle with a baby are even more important. We need to inculcate ourselves with happy and loving things like this video. I am not saying that we should stick our heads in the sand and ignore the bad things in the world; all I am saying is that we also should not ignore the good ones.

This video is evidence of that. The family did not have to put the video on the web. They did not have to share it with their friends and family, and those friends and family did not have to send it onto others, and so on. But they all did.


That answer is simple. We know goodness when we see it, and we know that others need to see it too.

I love animals especially dogs. And I love that dogs love us. I also love that we share when our dogs show us love. This is a feel-good kind of post, but so what? Sometimes it’s important to just sit back and enjoy the goodness, and I’m going to do just that. I think I’ll go watch that video one more time. You should, too.

Image Credit: Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock

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Rayshell E. Clapper is an Associate Professor of English at a rural college in Oklahoma where she teaches Creative Writing, Literature, and Composition classes. She has presented her original fiction and non-fiction at several conferences and events including: Scissortail Creative Writing Festival, Howlers and Yawpers Creativity Symposium, Southwest/Texas Pop Culture Association/American Culture Association Regional Conference, and Pop Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference. Her publications include Cybersoleil Journal, Sugar Mule Literary Magazine, Red Dirt Anthology, Originals, and Oklahoma English Journal. Beyond her written works, she successfully created a writer's group in rural Oklahoma to support burgeoning writers. The written word is her passion, and all she experiences inspires that passion. She hopes to help inspire others through her words.

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