Marijuana Meets Bacon, They Make Love, End Of Story
May 26, 2013

Marijuana Meets Bacon, They Make Love, End Of Story

Actually, it’s not the end of the story, so read the blog!

A Seattle butcher has found a way to infuse his pork with marijuana, and it’s pretty interesting, to say the least.

If you can’t tell by this blog, or this one, or this one here, I’m the bacon guy here at redOrbit. I don’t love bacon more than anybody else; at least I don’t think I do. I just like sharing bacon-flavored stories with the world.

Washington has become a hot bed for potheads. I’m only kidding; I just wanted to say that because it rhymed. Anyhow, medical marijuana is legal in Washington, and it’s not just smoked.

A big portion of dispensaries’ crops can’t be sold. All sorts of things from stalks to leaves end up in the trash since the bud of the flower is the only viable part of the plant for medical consumption. A Seattle Butcher was inspired by the idea, and “pot” bellied pig was born!

At the oldest butcher shop in famed Pike Place Market, William Von Schneidau is a pioneer for both pork and pot.

According to Komo news, “We’re able to make anything you can imagine,” says Von Schneidau, who runs BB Ranch Meats in the heart of the market. “Somebody requests something and we make it, and make some extra of it, and see if people like it.”

Von Schneidau has been experimenting with all sorts of things when it comes to meat. Previously, he even tried feeding vodka to hogs, but said he can’t remember how he imagined the idea of feeding pot to pigs.

“I don’t smoke, but I guess it’s foggy,” he said, chuckling.

He teamed up with local medical marijuana growers to take the leftovers of their crops and feed them to the hogs, all with honorable intentions in mind.

“People have been asking all these questions. ‘Do you think (the pigs are) feeling it? Are they stoned?’ and I’m like, ‘Wait a minute. Let’s back up here for a second.’ All we’re trying to do is to help the local ranchers and to figure out some ways to shorten the carbon footprint,” von Schneidau said.

The shop sold four pigs in various forms earlier this year, including with pot-infused bacon. The meat “tasted savory,” von Schneidau said, adding that he has a small amount leftover that he’s using to make into prosciutto.

When asked about the after effects of eating the bacon he replied emphatically, “I don’t feel a damned thing!”

When passersby were asked about the marijuana infused pork one lady said, “Hash pigs! Let’s give more money,” chuckling. When asked about what the pot pigs might taste like, she joked, “I’ll take the fifth.”

Von Schneidau is optimistic about future possibilities, and said jokingly, “We haven’t fed them any sour pickles yet, but we’ll see what happens.”

Image Credit: Lukas Divacky / Shutterstock

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