Marvel NOW! A Look Into The Future Of Marvel Comics
November 5, 2013

Marvel NOW! A Look Into The Future Of Marvel Comics

If you haven’t read comics within the past few years, or ever for that matter, getting into comics can seem a bit daunting. If you’re reading comics for entertainment purposes, as opposed to collecting rare issues worth several hundred dollars apiece, it is difficult to know where to start. There have been decades of comics written, which includes a seemingly endless number of heroes and villains, story lines written across dozen of series, and major plot twists that have affected entire comic universes for years at a time. So, where does one start?

For the new reader, or one returning after an extended amount of time, Marvel has introduced Marvel NOW!, a change that includes the way readers interact with comics, the beginning for many new superheroes, new designs for old heroes and villains, and a fresh chapter in the never-ending Marvel story. Marvel NOW! is a fresh beginning to all major series and represents a change both in the Marvel universe and also within Marvel itself and the ideas among the creative teams. New readers do not have to stress about being clueless to characters and previous storylines since Marvel NOW! re-introduces old characters in an easy-to-understand manner and does not rely heavily on past story arcs; at the same time, Marvel is not editing or changing anything that already exists, Marvel NOW! is a fresh continuation of what already existed before, not a drastic restart that ignores all previous Marvel history.

With access to Marvel Unlimited, and a bit of free time here and there, going through decades of comic publications is quite enjoyable; however, I, too, have found myself lost at times going back in the Marvel time-machine and confused at references to things I haven’t yet read or events/characters I had never heard of. With Marvel NOW!, it is refreshing to see many of my favorite heroes in a new light, not to mention seeing the beginning of many new potential heroes and storylines that will keep me entertained for years to come. Likewise, one has to appreciate the simplicity of which one can read about classic icons as if it was starting all over again, becoming engaged in a timeless character without needing to do prior research, and at the same time, appreciating the creative variances and ideas the creators have put into this new age of comics.

What should we expect from Marvel NOW!? Look forward to a new perspective on heroes and the work they do. Look forward to new characters and new menaces. Look forward to a new way of reading comics with both digital comics and the electronic extras with paper copies. Lastly, look forward to a new age of Marvel.

As much as Marvel NOW! is a fresh start for readers, it is also a new start for the creative artists and teams. We, the readers, get to appreciate the works of those who are allowed to do near anything they want with a unique universe. This new age is going to redefine comic art, test the boundaries of heroes’ philosophies, and alter our perception of both the Marvel universe and reality.

Image Credit: Marvel

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