May Movie Hit List (Part 2)
April 30, 2013

May Movie Hit List (Part 2)

Oh, hey there. Glad to see you’ve stuck around for this illustrious list. In the first installment, we got to take a peek at the next chapter in the Iron Man series and also got a chance to see some of the under the radar movies that just don’t get as much love (or studio promotion for that matter) that the others do like What Maisie Knew.

It looks like this is going to be an interesting month. The battle royal is just getting bigger and bigger with all of these flicks entering the ring, but let’s see who comes out on top.

Here’s a look at the other films hitting theaters in May.

The Hangover Part IIIThe Wolf Pack is back for their last hurrah. This time there is no wedding, no bachelor party or any other crazy event you might think of that would hilariously derail our protagonists, but in sure form trouble always seems to find them at the most conveniently comedic times. Find out what trouble these guys can get into starting May 24.

PeeplesMost men have been here before. You find a nice girl you want to spend the rest of your life with, but her dad wants to end yours before that happens. In Peeples, Wade Walker invades the Peeples family reunion in the attempt to ask Mr. Peeples for his daughter, Grace’s, hand in marriage. The shenanigans start on May 10th.

You Will Be My Son This is a manly man drama about a father who is not too excited for his son take the helm of the family business which is a winemaking company. His Dad just doesn’t see his son as having the correct mindset or traits to fit with this kind of responsibility. He in turn hires a more promising young man against the desperate wishes of his son. Find out if dear old dad turns over a new leaf on May 17th in the United States.

Epic  This may be an animated kids flick, but don’t underestimate the power of this upcoming feature. Epic is about a young girl who finds herself in a weird place where the ultimate battle of good versus evil is taking place. Her, plus a rag tag group of highly unlikely individuals, team up in their quest to save the world.

ErasedAn ex-CIA agent finds out that both he and his daughter are marked for termination due to an elaborate international conspiracy. Follow Ben Logan and his journey to outsmart his deadly assailants on May 17th.

Hmmmm…. There are just so many movies and so little time. There’s only one thing that is certain; the box office is going to start printing its own money sometime in the near future.

And that concludes this month’s list of the hottest movies under the sun releasing in May. There can only be one king at the box office, but truly the movie goers will be the clear winners here. Happy movie watching… but please do remember to put that phone on silent.

Oh yeah, and please don’t bring that crying baby, please.

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