McLaren P1 Night Glow
January 11, 2014

McLaren P1 “Night Glow”

Every once in a while I come across a wild looking, modified, and extremely different vehicle. And this one is definitely one for the books. Though it is from a popular manufacturer, the final outcome, after the modifications, are truly head turning.

Brought to you in co-operation with our friends from Top Speed.

German Special Customs (GSC) took a base McLaren P1 and through a few cosmetic changes, as well as some mechanical upgrades to the already potent machine, the final product is called the McLaren P1 “Night Glow.”

GSC added a new exhaust system with two 3.9 inch round tips, inspired by fighter jets. With a few more tweaks of the 3.8-L engine that normally pushes out around 737 horses and another 179 hp from an electric motor, GSC managed to get the hp to around 1000. Estimated 0-60 dips down to 2.5 seconds and top speed is a blistering 220 mph. Not the fastest thing out there but impressive none the less.

I remember several years ago, a 200 mph road vehicle was only a dream. Now, with new technology and futuristic designs, that speed is common among the supercars of today.

Factory estimated performance stats for the P1 are 0-62 mph in 2.8 seconds, 0-124 mph in 6.8 seconds, 0-186 mph in 16.5 seconds, runs the quarter mile in 9.8 seconds at 152 mph and has a top speed is 217.5 mph. Fuel mileage is a combined 34 mpg.

The modifications to the body were inspired by the racing world. The kit includes LED daytime running lights, large air intakes to improve air flow, a redesigned front apron, a huge adjustable wing on the back and a rear diffuser with integrated air inlets. There is also an air scoop located on the roof and new side skirts.

The factory P1 uses the 3.8-L twin-turbo V-8 hooked to a twin clutch transmission with an embedded electric motor. A total of 903 hp from the combination and an estimated 1,100 lb-ft of torque is produced. It is a rear-wheel-drive vehicle and with the aerodynamics of the body generating 1,200 pounds of downforce, it is built for high speeds.

With use of just the electric motor, it has a range of 6.8 miles and can cruise at just below 100 mph. The batteries can be recharged quickly by pressing the “Charge” button on the dash using extra power from the engine.

The engine of the P1 has an Intake Sound generator, produces that turbo hiss and whistle and with the de-restricted exhaust, blue blames shoot out the center exhaust pipe.

The interior features racing seats, an adjustable steering column and turbine-like HVAC vents.

The P1 also feature excellent braking. It can stop from 60-0 in 99 feet at 2.9 seconds; 124-0 in 380 feet in 4.5 seconds; and from 186-0 in 806 feet in 6.2 seconds.

The price for the factory model is $1.15 million with only 375 units to be built.

Image Credit: Thinkstock

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